Choosing to install an outdoor kitchen in your Newport, RI, backyard could impact your home’s value, but the focus of the construction should be on enhancing your lifestyle and entertainment habits. Think of how you’ll be entertaining and who gets to join you so that you can accurately identify the future needs of your outdoor kitchen design. Ranging from a fully decked culinary master’s dream to a more casual grilling station, your outdoor kitchen should reflect your habits in a customized fashion.

Multimedia as the Main Event

For sports fans, music lovers, or dance fanatics, including entertainment equipment in their outdoor kitchen scheme is essential. Hang or mount a flatscreen, install effective surround sound, or use a projector for movie nights to enhance the entertainment possibilities in your outdoor kitchen. Such additions will keep the fun going from when appetizers are served to when the night winds down with dessert and drinks. With professional installation, you can safely install these units without fears about electrical shorts or ruined equipment. They’ll know what precautions to take and install everything safely.

Drinks on Demand

Often, a good party will include a good drink. If your entertaining focuses more on mixology than barbecue, make your outdoor bar the central feature of your outdoor kitchen design. Instead of an elaborate grilling area that will never be fully used, you can put that space to better use. Your parties will be more in tune with your party behavior when the real star of the show takes center stage. An extension of yourself, your outdoor kitchen should be set up for your lifestyle, and a great bar is an excellent place to start when a nice cocktail is a regular feature of your hospitality.

Grilling as the Center of Attention

For the master griller, a comprehensively furnished outdoor kitchen should include a modern grill with plenty of counter space. For cleanup, include a deep sink and a designated spot for trash disposal. You should also consider the nearness to the kitchen door so that you’ll be limiting the difficulty of transferring ingredients and dishes as you cook. For those who plan to do most of their meal preparation in this space, a refrigerator is another excellent addition to the outdoor kitchen design. Common kitchen tools, workspace, and other needed culinary elements deserve their own place when the outdoor kitchen will be the primary place for meal preparation.

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Outdoor Pizza Prep

One of the newest trends in outdoor kitchen design is the outdoor pizza oven. Many pizza aficionados can create a healthier, tastier option than the alternative of greasy delivery. Whether you plan to have pizza parties for kids or simply enjoy a good pie with friends, this option is one that will stand out in your design. It can also act as a key focal point and a most welcome source of warmth.

Dining as the Priority

The culmination of meal preparation is consumption. In your haste to design a fabulous outdoor kitchen, don’t overlook the significance of the dining experience. You can create a diner setting with a counter for sampling and conversing during preparation, or you can design a gorgeous, elaborate dining room outdoors. Whatever you choose, make sure to account for wind, sun, and other elements that could affect the comfort of guests.