With a new year on the books, homeowners in Barrington, RI, are turning their eyes to various ways to refresh the exterior of their homes. One of the most effective places that many homeowners find they’ll get the most bang for their buck is to update is their front entrance. Professional masonry can transform the look of your home, adding curb appeal and visual value in a way that many homeowners may never have expected. If you’ve been thinking of giving your front entry a facelift, check out these ideas and make 2020 the year to make your home shine. 

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Natural Stone Steps

One of the hottest trends of the decade for exterior home design will be to add touches of nature and a nod to the great outdoors. Natural stone is an excellent way to help infuse this trend into any landscape, and it works beautifully when mixed in with classic pavers as well. Consider using a blend of different natural stones, like slate and river rock, to create a front entry stairway with contrast. Natural stone offers an excellent accent as well in gardens, along walkways or in addition to other paving projects around the entry of your home. Ask you landscape designer where they would suggest using natural stone to bring a new look to your entryway! 

Paved Walkways

Pave the way for friends and family when they come to call with a welcoming walkway. The path leading to your home is one of the first things visitors will be sure to notice, and upgrading your walkway will dramatically change the look to the entrance of your home. Your landscape designer can guide you toward the type of pavers that will work best with the overall style of your home to create a look that’s cohesive, modern, and refreshed. Consider using a mix of materials to create a custom border that will blend well with your other stone accents as well. 

Retaining Wall Gardens

Retaining walls are a must for many homeowners because they help to prevent soil erosion and keep the natural slope of your property in check. While these stone installations can help to make your entryway look buttoned-up, you can also employ them to do double-duty when it comes to design. Your landscape designer can create a custom garden integrated right into your retaining wall to create visual interest near your front door. This brings your beautiful garden up to eye level, adding texture and depth to your entry in a natural way. 

Masonry Lighting

Looking for a way to add a traditional touch of elegance to the entrance of your home? Masonry lighting adds an opulent finish to the entry of your home, creating a welcoming after-hours amenity that looks lovely in the daytime as well. Whether you want to flank the sides of a long, winding driveway with a grand carriage-style gate, or simply add a few stately masonry light fixtures near the entryway to your home, landscape lighting is one of the most effective ways to help make your property shine.  

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