Having the right set of outdoor features for your Dighton, MA, home’s landscape goes a long way toward making your yard functional and fun. The right features can make your outdoor areas feel like an extension of your home and create wonderful spaces to gather with friends and family to relax. Here are some essential outdoor features to make the most of your outdoor spaces:

Fire elements

Fire pits and fireplaces generally top the list of most desirable outdoor features for any home. They provide a natural gathering point by offering warmth and light, as well as some theatre to the surroundings. Stacked stone, wood-burning fire pits and fireplaces are very well suited to more traditional landscape designs. More modern landscapes favor square or rectangular fire pits or fire tables with elements of metal and glass to allow for a more contemporary feel. Fire pits are offered in a variety of designs and fueling methods. Fire safety is always an important concern with fire elements, which is why having a contractor design and install your fire pit is essential.

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Outdoor kitchen, grill and dining area

A well-equipped kitchen and dining area can help make the most of your outdoor space. Modern outdoor kitchens can be as useful as indoor ones, offering all the essentials to cook up a full meal for friends and family. They also play a role in adding value to your property. Complementing your kitchen with a comfortable dining area that offers the right combination of seating and lighting is also vital. Outdoor kitchens are getting easier to acquire and install, thanks to the availability of prefabricated units. It’s also easy to find fully equipped grills with cabinets and extensions for preparing food. However, having an experienced contractor, such as Premier Landscape, route all the necessary utility lines and install your equipment is essential for maximizing its longevity.

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Having the right plant life to offset the hardscaping is essential for any landscape. The wide variety of plants available to modern homeowners means that you can assert your personal style and taste with ease. Engaging in the design process with a landscaper, such as Premier Landscape, can go a long way towards achieving the aesthetics of you desire. Larger yards can have flowering plant beds, with shrubs and trees adding a vertical element to the overall design. Smaller yards can feature smaller softscapes complemented by planters and potted plants. Choosing themes, colors, and textures that suit the surroundings is important for maintaining continuity in your landscape design, and is a simple process with the help of Premier Landscape.


A proper lighting plan is important for the usability and security of your landscape at night. Soft, subtle lighting through recessed lights and wall sconces work best for patios and seating areas. More elaborate effects can be achieved with spotlights mounted in high places, such as trees, to mimic the moonlight shining through the leaves. Path lights and perimeter lights are also important to help guide the occupants around the yard. Visually striking features, such as fireplaces, water features and statues, can be highlighted with spotlights. Lastly, the lighting plan can be supplemented with security lights that cover all the entrances to minimize dark places in which intruders may hide.