When it comes to interior home design and build, many homeowners in Rhode Island are looking for an elegant yet rustic look. Some may opt for distressed wood accents, others may go for wrought iron and metals for their finishing touches. However, one of the most beautiful interior home accents is stone — and Premier Landscape is here to help.

Why Choose Stonework for Your Home’s Interior

Stone is the perfect accompaniment to any home’s interior. It adds a sense of rustic, natural grace and design without being too flashy. Better yet, masonry work lasts longer than other materials and requires little to no maintenance once installed. Like wood, homeowners also have plenty of color, texture and design options to choose from and the results are bound to improve your home’s value and aesthetic. One of the most popular forms of interior stonework is a stone wall, which Premier Landscape can design and install for homeowners in Newport, Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

Interior Places Perfect for Stone Walls

Want a stone wall but aren’t sure where to showcase it within your home? Here are a few options that look great in any home.

  • Entryway. A stone wall that’s visible upon entry to a home is one of the best ways to create a wow factor from visitors. If you currently have a wall in your entranceway you aren’t sure what to do with, contact Premier Landscape to determine whether or not a stone accent wall would be a good fit for the space.
  • Master Bathroom. We know you’ve seen those HGTV shows where the master bathroom comes complete with a natural stone shower. Premier Landscape is here to make that dream a reality. We’ll work with you to choose the type of stone that best accentuates the rest of the features in the bathroom. Having an updated shower with natural stone can vastly improve your home’s value.
  • Living Room. Is your family one to gather in the living room at the end of the day or on weekends? Adding a stone accent wall in your living room can add a more rustic, homey vibe to your indoor space. We’ll help you choose the best type of masonry materials that fit your needs. Don’t forget that there are dozens of color, size, and texture options.
  • Staircase Wall. For those with a more open floor plan with an exposed staircase, a stone accent wall along the side of the staircase is a great addition to add some unique features to your home. Adding a stone wall that climbs to the ceiling with the staircase will work to make the entire space seem larger than it is and your ceilings will appear taller than they are. This is also a great area to play with stone patterns and textures.

Keep in mind that a stone accent wall isn’t the only masonry work you can have in your home. There are plenty of other options to choose from that will improve your homes appearance and functionality. Hoping to have interior masonry work done to your home this year? Contact Premier Landscape for a free estimate on masonry design and installation services.