Adding an outdoor kitchen is a great way to combine one of your favorite spaces indoors with the beauty of the outdoors. Outdoor kitchen areas can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. They make entertaining a breeze, and give a luxurious feel to your Bristol, RI, outdoor landscape.

A Covered Cooking Area With Exposed Stone

Create a rustic look with exposed stone for your next outdoor kitchen area. Exposed stone is a great way to bring a natural texture into your outdoor kitchen design. With the addition of an lumber pavillion, you can cook and enjoy your patio no matter the weather. When it comes to choosing a type of stone, there are quite a few to choose from. From smooth river rocks to rugged slate, this design idea will be sure to infuse your kitchen area with a natural feel. With exposed stone and a wooden pavilion incorporated into your design, a rustic theme can offer comfort and sophistication, as well as authenticity.

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A Fun Pizza Oven

Looking for a unique appliance to feature in your outdoor kitchen area? Look no further. Pizza ovens are a surprisingly versatile addition that can cook pizza, breads, and other baked dishes for backyard events. Pizza ovens can be free-standing units, or mounted on an island.

A Cozy Fireplace

When considering appliances for a larger outdoor kitchen area, a fireplace can be an excellent option for those homeowners who enjoy entertaining into the night. Adding a fireplace along the border of your outdoor kitchen area will give guests a place to gather when the sun goes down. Surround it with some comfortable chairs, couches and end tables for a perfect cozy space. Alternatively you can opt for permanent seating to continue the motif of natural stone and ensure that extra seating is always available. You can also mix it up and place your dinning area near the fireplace for an exceptionally pleasant dining experience. Fireplaces are heavily customizable, which makes it possible to match this appliance with the rest of your outdoor kitchen area.

Fire Pit

Sometimes a fireplace can be a little too extravagant, or simply too large for the area you are working with. A fire pit is a more subtle design alternative that can deliver a more campfire like appeal to your outdoor kitchen or dining area. Fire pits are a cozy place to warm up, and also can prove to be a handy feature for near the kitchen. FIre pits are available that are equipped with attachments such as grill pads, smoke filters, and more. A fire pit is an ideal extension of your outdoor kitchen area if you frequently entertain large crowds.

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Open Seating Area

Where there is food being prepared, there are usually people nearby eating it! If you’re considering this outdoor kitchen area for large gatherings, then a seat wall is an optimal decision for keeping guests comfortable. Couple this with additional cushions along the wall to create a comfortable space for your guests to relax while you cook up some delicious food.