Your outdoor fireplace is certain to be the showpiece and center of activity in your Barrington, RI, back yard. You have so many things to decide before construction, such as the fireplace’s overall silhouette, stone shapes and sizes, and where it should go. However, one key element to outdoor fireplace construction that most homeowners are not aware of is choosing the right kind of woodbox. You will need a place to store all of those logs after all! And you should carefully consider how you want your firewood stored. If you need a little inspiration for your outdoor fireplace fuel storage, read on and we will help give you a few tips to get your project started.

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Sidecar Style

If space is at a premium in your backyard, but you still want a stylish way to stack and display your logs, a single attached woodbox is a great option for you. This added-on structure looks best when constructed of the same masonry material as the rest of your fireplace, but can also feature some different characteristics for a custom feel. For example, if your fireplace has a square opening, consider a woodbox with an arched opening to add contrast and style. A single woodbox doesn’t have to be simple if you add your own special touches!


Double-Sided Additions

If you have ample room in your backyard and want to really make your fireplace the focal point of your patio, then double-sided woodboxes can help achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for. When woodbox’s are flanked on both sides of your outdoor fireplace, it can offer balance to the overall look, and it also offers stylish storage for your all of your wood-burning needs. One clever way to really make the most of your two-sided woodbox is to incorporate benches installed for guests to sit on. This creates a truly cohesive outdoor fireplace design that everyone will enjoy spending time around all year long.

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Detached and Disguised

Don’t care to see stacks of wood piled up on your back porch? There are many ways to store or disguise your wood with style in the right woodbox. Wrought iron options in geometric shapes can help you artfully stack your logs for a fireside style that’s straight out of a design magazine. There are also specialty circular benches available that are perfect perched right in front of a fire, which feature incorporated storage for firewood underneath. And if you really want your logs out of sight and out of mind, there are also plenty of trunk-like, fire safe boxes available that are specifically designed to keep your wood dry and safe all season long.

When it comes to adding just the right finishing touches and special features to your outdoor fireplace, don’t forget to make a woodbox part of your plan. Not only will you enjoy having the logs, kindling, and fuel you need at hand, but a woodbox will help create a finished feel to your outdoor fireplace.