Having a beautiful yard can set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood; it improves your home’s value and is a great space for friends and family to gather. However, some yards are more difficult to manage than others, and many homeowners struggle to come up with an aesthetically appealing solution.

At Premier Landscape, we recommend hardscaping for those more difficult properties. Do you think your yard will benefit from hardscaping?

What Is Hardscaping?

A hardscape refers to the inanimate materials that are found in a yard and are incorporated into a landscape. Many landscaping materials include brick, concrete, wood and stone. These materials can be used for walkways, driveways, retaining walls or even water features. Along with your softscape (the horticultural part of your yard), a hardscape can help bring unity to your yard.

When You Could Use Hardscaping

  • When there’s an area of the yard that sees a high amount of foot traffic. Do people often walk from your driveway to your backyard? You may want to consider a walkway there. Is there a spot in the yard where people tend to congregate? A patio wouldn’t be a bad idea!
  • Does your house back up into a neighbor’s yard? Are the houses next door a bit too close for comfort? We’re sure you like your neighbors, but a privacy wall is a great option for those who want a bit more seclusion. Privacy walls are commonly made of brick or wood.
  • If your yard is suffering from soil erosion, hardscaping is a guaranteed cure to prevent runoff. Premier Landscape can install a retaining wall that can prevent soil from leaving your property. Retaining walls are usually made of cement, brick, concrete or stone.
  • When your home has a drainage problem and there tends to be pooling after snowmelt or heavy rain. If the soil your home sits on is impervious and cannot collect the excess water, drainage solutions such as in-ground pipes covered by stones or pebbles is a great solution that is still visually appealing.

Think your yard might benefit from hardscaping? Contact our professional Rhode Island landscaping company today and we’ll give you a free estimate!