Late fall is one of the best times to opt for professional leaf removal. All the leaves have fallen off the trees in the Northeast due to high winds and plummeting temperatures. For those living in Rhode Island, residents are subject to severe early winter storms, so it’s best to get your home prepared beforehand with leaf removal.

Raking up leaves can often be a tedious chore and not everyone is cut out for the potentially long-hours. Instead, let a professional lawn maintenance company tackle the job.

Leaves Can Potentially Kill Grass

Letting leaves stay in the yard throughout the winter months can be detrimental to your lawn’s health! As the leaves decompose under the hard-packed snow, the grass too starts to decompose. The leaves that collect on the ground also block sunlight to other plants and grasses in the yard, causing fungus growth and other diseases.

Lawn Maintenance Companies are Efficient

Professional lawn care companies should always be prepared with a large vacuum, a truck, rakes and other supplies as well as leave blowers to make the fall cleanup process as simple as possible.

Homeowners will always be able to tell how efficient their lawn care company is based on how little leaf remains they leave behind. Based on the technology they bring, every lawn care professional should be able to fully removal all leaf particles. Ask how your landscaping company is environmentally friendly; many will drop the leaves off at a compost site.

It’s Worth the Price

Fall cleanup is worth the price if you don’t have time to do the leaf removal yourself. On average, a homeowner will spend anywhere from $300-$400, though these prices may range depending on how many leaves have fallen and how large a property you own, as well as how often you want the lawn care company to come out. Normally, a homeowner will ask that their lawn care service stop by three times before the first snowfall. Be sure to ask for a free estimate!