Every homeowner wants to enjoy their well-maintained landscape throughout the year. In Rhode Island, we understand that homeowners are (rightfully) concerned about preserving and improving their backyard view; it’s important to choose landscaping designs that compliment your ocean view.

However, one part of the yard many people neglect is the side yard. The majority of those living in Newport County have neighbors. You may get along just fine with your neighbors, but there’s no harm in wanting some peace and quiet and privacy — and that’s where privacy plants come into the landscape picture.

Benefits of Privacy Planting

There are countless reasons to planting a privacy hedge in your side yard or even your back yard if you have neighbors behind your home. At Premier Landscape, we highly recommend privacy planting for those who live in a densely populated area or an area that’s exposed to high winds. Benefits of privacy planting include:

  • Muffling automobile traffic noises by creating a barrier
  • Functions as a snow drift barrier during the winter
  • Increases your home’s value to potential buyers
  • Little to no maintenance required, unlike having to stain or repair a wood fence
  • Save on energy bills by creating a more even temperature around your home. Shade is provided during the summer and insulating warmth during the winter
  • Improved air quality for your yard as well as improve the biodiversity of insects, birds and mammals.
  • Privacy hedges or trees can also help you and your family relax and enjoy your space. We highly recommend evergreen trees accompanied by large flowering shrubs such as hydrangeas.

For homeowners who are building a new home, Premier Landscape highly recommends planting a privacy hedge as soon as possible so the hedge can grow and fill the space sooner. Our Newport County landscaping company teams up with building contractors across the county and the state. Contact us to inquire about new build landscaping projects!