Rhode Island, also known as the ocean state, has hundreds and hundreds of miles of coastline along which residents and businesses alike have settled. For those that own property along the ocean, it can be tempting to remove plants, trees or shrubs that obstruct our view of the water.

Those who decide to take it upon themselves to maintain this fragile coastal buffer zone are met with charges or fines from the local or state government. Fortunately, these fines can be prevented if you hire a Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) certified landscaping company such as Premier Landscape.

Why you need a certified landscaper

The CRMC is responsible for the management, preservation, protection and development of Rhode Island’s coastal buffer zone. The buffer zone is defined by “the area extending from the territorial sea limit, 3 miles offshore, to two hundred feet inland from any coastal feature.” Coastal features can include beaches, dunes, barriers, cliffs, bluffs, wetlands, banks or rocky shores. Manmade shorelines and historical ocean-side landmarks are also protected under the CRMC.

Conducting any landscape or hardscape work within these limits, even though your property backs up to these areas, will result in fines. For those looking to undergo a hardscaping project on their property, they need to hire a CRMC certified landscaping company in Rhode Island.

How Premier Landscape can help

Our certification means we work closely with state and local governments to ensure that the natural beauty of Rhode Island’s coastline is preserved, all while seeking to improve your ocean-side property. Improvements or changes made to the buffer zone may include installing a retaining wall to prevent erosion and runoff, removing overgrown or dead shrubs and trees, or installing a walkway down to the beach.

Premier Landscape has helped hundreds of residents and business owners improve their curb appeal without disrupting the natural beauty of the buffer zone. If you are looking to improve your backyard view of the ocean, contact our coastal buffer zone specialists before making any changes. Hiring a certified landscaper in Newport County will prevent unnecessary fines.