The Northeast is constantly battered with tough winter weather that leaves our yards in disarray when the snow and ice finally melt. Now is the time to think about repairing your yard and getting it ready for the spring and summer months. Here are a few spring cleanup ideas to consider.

  1. Rake dead debris & branches. Removing dead leaves, twigs and the occasional large branch from your yard is a crucial part to landscape maintenance. This process allows for new grass grow and helps flowers push through to the surface. You can even put the debris in a compost bin to use for mulch in the fall.
  2. Prune & trim. Pruning dead leaves and trimming back any perennials is also a good way to promote growth in your garden. Any damaged tree limbs from winter storms should also be cut down and removed from the yard. It may be best to call a professional landscaping company to help with this process.
  3. Design your spring landscape. This is the fun part of spring cleanup! Talk to a local landscaping company such as Premier Landscape based in Newport RI and discuss your dream landscape. A landscape redesign can add a lot of value to a home and is the first thing anyone sees when pulling up to your property — so it should always be looking it’s best.

Premier Landscape is more than capable of taking care of your spring cleanup as well as helping you map out a new landscape design. Check out our package deals to get the most out of our landscaping services.