An outdoor fireplace can add a stunning focal point to your backyard that both you and your family can enjoy. Before you jump into dreams of roasting s’mores, enjoying a glass of wine on an autumn evening, or even dive into the design plans, it is important to choose the best location for your outdoor fireplace. When choosing a location for your outdoor fireplace in your North Kingstown, RI backyard, consider the following important factors.

Safety is key

Choose a location for your outdoor fireplace that is a safe distance from your home or any other buildings on your property. The location for your outdoor fireplace should also be away from trees, branches, vines, other tall plants, or anything else that is easily flammable.

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Consider the weight of the fireplace

If you are building your outdoor fireplace on an existing deck or patio, you need to be certain that your deck or patio can hold the weight of the fireplace.

Carefully choose the best surface

The surface upon which your outdoor fireplace will sit should be strong enough to withstand the weight and heat of the fireplace. If you do intend to place your fireplace on a wooden deck or patio, talk to a professional about the best ways to maintain safety and structural integrity.

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Be aware of the location of underground utilities

If you intend to install a gas fireplace, make sure you have discussed with a professional how best to connect the gas lines and the best placement to take advantage of existing lines. Your outdoor fireplace should also not be installed on top of other outdoor utilities that could be either a fire hazard through their proximity to the heat or in such a way that could make access to those utilities difficult in the event of an emergency.

Build with wind direction in mind

Talk to a professional about building your fireplace in a location that will consider your property’s wind direction and allow the fireplace to stop the wind, rather than be affected by it. By taking wind direction into account, you not only enhance the experience of using your outdoor fireplace, but also ensure that your property is protected from flying embers.

The ideal location is the most social one.

Think about the design of your backyard and the areas where you spend the most time with your friends and family. It will be best to have your outdoor fireplace be a part of that space, to allow for optimal enjoyment. You can warm up by your pool or hot tub, or enjoy the warmth while eating at your outdoor dining space. Think about the reasons you want an outdoor fireplace, and imagine how much you will enjoy it – choose a location that best suits your needs and brings the most joy to you and your family. If your property has a view, consider placing your outdoor fireplace somewhere where you can enjoy this view easily and fully.