We’re sure you’ve heard of landscaping before and understand the general gist of what it entails, but did you know the scope of landscaping is broad and features multiple niches? There’s landscaping subcategories including lawn care and maintenance, hardscaping, horticulture, tree services and landscape design.

The Rise of Landscape Design

Only in the past 10 years or so has the concept of landscape design really taken root in the residential market. Homeowners are more concerned than ever with incorporating their landscape to fit their lifestyle needs as well as their current surroundings. This means there’s more industry demand for professional designers who are willing to propose sustainable, aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

At Premier Landscape, we’ve been providing homeowners with the option for landscape design services for years. We view the design phase as an art which combines culture and nature to create a beautiful finished project. Our goal is to bridge the gap between landscape architecture, otherwise known as hardscaping, and garden design.

How the Design Phase Works

Every property is different; some yards have drainage problems or are on a slope, others are so large or so small that it’s hard to think about what to do with the space — but that’s where a professional landscape design and installation company comes in. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what you want to do with your yard but know you want to do something, the design phase is the perfect starting point to get ideas down on paper.

Essentially, landscape design centers on the overall master landscape planning of a property as well as the minor details and specifics of garden design. The planning phase also incorporates how the inanimate features (the hardscape) will interact with the landscape features (trees, shrubs, flowers, etc).

Premier Landscape’s staff is comprised of professional and highly skill landscape designers, architects, surveyors, horticultural specialists and engineers so make sure that every component of your new yard functions as it should and looks amazing.

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