You may have heard of hydroseeding, but you may not know exactly what it means or if it’s a landscaping practice that you should invest in at your Newport, RI, business or home. Hydroseeding is an innovative process and offers a thorough way to seed and fertilize lawns, creating lush lawns more effectively and easily than other methods. If you’ve been wondering if hydroseeding can help you reach your landscaping goals, read on. We’ll show you the ins and outs of this unique and highly effective grass growing method. 

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What Is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding, or hydraulic mulch seeding, is a process of planting that is carried out with a slurry of mulch and seed. This process is often used to help control erosion, particularly on construction sites, and it can be an excellent alternative to traditional sowing or broadcasting dry seed methods. This process of wet seed sowing helps to ensure that seeds stay put and don’t blow away in the wind or slide down deep sloping inclines. 

To begin the hydroseeding process, the ground must first be prepared. Then the slurry is sprayed from a tank by a landscaping professional. The slurry typically has other ingredients besides seed and mulch, including fertilizer, green dye, tackifying agents and fiber mulch. The green dye often found in hydroseeding can help to give areas that have been treated a more visually pleasing appearance. 

Who Needs Hydroseeding?

Homeowners and commercial property owners alike can benefit from the hydroseeding process. If you have a large plot of land that needs to be seeded, or you have areas on your personal property that are steep and difficult to grow grass on, this could be the process for you. Plus, this process is completed quickly and works fairly quickly to help you see new growth in your lawn. High germination rates mean that you can expect to see grass growing within one week, and you may need mowing and maintenance services within 3-4 weeks. Hydroseeding is also typically more affordable than getting your entire lawn re-sodded. 

Another benefit to hydroseeding is the green dye incorporated into the slurry. If you are a homeowner or business owner and the sight of patchy or barren lawns is an eyesore, hydroseeding could be the answer. The green hydroseeding slurry can help to make your lawn look more visually pleasing while Mother Nature does her job. Once the mixture has been incorporated into the earth and the grass has begun to grow, the green dye doesn’t remain. 

If you have a large plot of land that needs to be seeded, have a piece of property with sloping areas prone to erosion, or simply want to see lush, new growth grass in as little as a month, hydroseeding is the process for you. Both homeowners and commercial property owners alike can benefit from this quick, easy, and affordable process that is designed to give you fast results that look attractive. If you still have questions about hydroseeding, contact your trusted landscaping professional, and ask about this highly-efficient way to make your patch of land look lovely and green. 

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