Every property is unique, and landscape masonry can bring out the best features. When you decide to add a masonry hardscape element or to refresh an existing one on your Newport, RI property, you will want to seek out masonry contractors who can see your project through from start to finish of the perfect design.

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What Do Masonry Contractors Do?

Unlike a general contractor who oversees the entire process for a building project, masonry contractors are concerned with the structures that are composed of bricks, stones, and tiles. They order the supplies for your project and supervise the work being done so that you receive the highest standard available.

A Masonry Contractor’s Specialties

A masonry contractor can build a gorgeous, functional retaining wall to solve the water problem you have in your yard. Let’s say that every time it rains, your backyard becomes a gulley of water rushing by, causing erosion and water problems around your foundation. The right retaining wall can remedy that problem by diverting the runoff to  a better place, while giving you back your landscape.

A masonry contractor can install a fresh walkway of landscape paving stones complete with stone steps to make your entryway easy to navigate and beautiful. When your guests arrive, they won’t have to wonder how to get to your front door because a wide walkway bordered with contrasting stones guides them there. Add stone steps with a single, flat stone to finish the walkway to any exterior door of your home, and you have a truly amazing entry from parking to the doors.

With the capability to build an in-ground swimming pool with a gorgeous, non-slip deck of masonry stones, a masonry contractor also has the expertise to refresh your pool deck and may not have to interrupt the swimming season. Remember that you want paving stones that are not going to get hot in the harsh summer sun, while providing a reliable surface for wet feet.

If you have been thinking of adding an outdoor kitchen, a masonry contractor has all of the best stones available when designing a functional, delightful exterior kitchen. Imagine how much fun it would be to have the space to cook outdoors while enjoying the company of your friends and family. An outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate or simple as you wish, but the grill is typically a staple. If you add a cooktop, a refrigerator, and a sink, then you don’t have any mess inside, and clean-up is as simple as throwing away the trash.

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Any outdoor fire feature is always a hit. Don’t think that fire features such as a fire pit or a outdoor fireplace is only for the cooler temperatures, because lighting the fire on a summer night is all about roasting marshmallows for s’mores. And, when you are heading home after a long week, there is nothing like knowing you can light a fire and relax outdoors with your favorite drink.

An experienced masonry contractor has the capability to build any type of masonry hardscape that you can imagine. Look for a masonry and landscape company with impeccable first-class service, quality results, and dazzling landscape designs. Specializing in the design and construction of creative and unique hardscape features such as paver driveways, walkways, custom patios, and full outdoor living spaces, a local full-service masonry and landscape contractor can bring your landscape to life.