Looking to improve both the function and appearance of your landscape this season? One of the most unique and trendy hardscaping materials being used by Rhode Island homeowners these days is permeable pavers.

What are Permeable Pavers?permeable paver patio in Newport RI

Permeable pavers are classified under hardscaping materials and are used to allow stormwater to effectively move
through the surface in order to prevent runoff. The pavers function to trap any solids (such as yard debris and small stones) and work to filter water pollutants. In a state that goes through all four seasons, Rhode Island homeowners often choose permeable pavers because it reduces runoff from snowmelt in early spring and proves useful during heavy rains in the fall season.

When to Choose Permeable Pavers

There are a number of hardscaping projects that allow the use of permeable pavers. At Premier Landscape, our professionals have installed Unilock permeable pavers for driveways, pathways and patios. These pavers are a great option for homeowners who tend to have moderate to severe runoff issues. If you have an oceanside home or a sloped yard, permeable pavers will help to ensure rainwater appropriately flows away from your home’s foundation.

When installed by a professional landscaper, permeable pavers can last for years and they are very affordable to replace if need be. Contact Premier Landscape today for an estimate on your next project or to find out more about the benefits of this hardscaping option!