Ways to Verify Qualified Landscaping Companies in Barrington, RI

Choosing the right landscaping company is essential to having the peace of mind that you will get the end result you want. Landscaping is a much more complex field than just selecting the turf, foliage, and design patterns you desire. In fact, the key to making sure that what you select will continue to thrive in your environment means that the company you hire needs to have a superior level of qualifications. There are ways to verify that landscaping companies are qualified to perform the level of work that you expect, and deserve, for your Barrington, RI, landscaping investment.


The BBB’s Grading

The Better Business Bureau is a great way to check on the company you are choosing to hire. They will rate the organization according to complaints received and they use information directly obtained from public data sources. The higher the score indicates the degree of confidence that the business you select is operating in a fair, trustworthy, and good faith manner.


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Local Reviews

Finding local organizations that will back the company is another surefire way to know that you can put your trust into the landscaping contractor that you are hiring. Find a company that has been praised by other locals, such as Newport Life’s “best of” lists, to ensure that you will be acquiring expertise when you decide on your landscape company.

Also reach out to people you know and neighbors whose landscapes you admire to see who they recommend. That way you have a trusted referral and you get to see the landscaping company’s work firsthand, to judge for yourself whether you admire the craftsmanship or not.


Online Testimonials

Testimonials from customers that have utilized the company and can vouch for it are key to knowing that you will receive a similarly satisfactory outcome. Customers that are spending on their investments are quick to help you identify where, and where not to, place your money. Look to the guidance of those that have already experienced the journey you are about to take. An unsatisfied customer will surely let you know where their disgruntled testimony derives from. Make sure to read the reviews of the company you are hiring to determine where you may have issues should you choose to employ them.



What resources does the company you choose have to offer? This is an essential factor in determining reputability, as well as experience and knowledge. Don’t take someone’s word for what you are envisioning. You should be able to visually see exactly what you will get. There are many programs and ways to achieve this, such as, computer aided design and full color renderings. Having a professional team that will devote the time and resources at the beginning of the design process will eliminate the problems on the back end.


Specialized Skills

You want to hire a team of professionals who are clearly devoted to their career and have passion about the work. That means looking for varied skills in the company so that if you need insights on your environment, topography, plant and soil science, as well as, the construction management of the project, you’ll get it—and the finished landscaping project will be well planned out from the expertise involved.