February is the time of year to start buckling down and really deciding on what you want to do with your yard this spring. Every homeowner’s situation is different, which is why Premier Landscape’s ability to cater towards individual’s landscaping needs is both affordable and efficient.

Landscaping services for new build homes in Newport RI

If you are currently in the process of designing or building a new home in Newport or surrounding areas, it’s best to leave the landscaping and hardscaping work to those who know the art best. Premier Landscape specializes in new build landscape designs for homeowners; our 3D CAD imaging technology is a wonderful way for both our landscape designers and our customers to visualize their dream yard before ground work even begins. Think of your new build yard as a tabula rasa (blank slate) — there are so many choices and options.

If you’re looking to maximize both the space in your yard as well as highlight key features (perhaps you have a pond or waterfront property), here are a few options.

Popular 2017 Landscaping IdeasBackyard pool and patio in Bristol RI

  • A large patio made with pavers. They’re affordable, reliable, and are very resistant to erosion and shifting over time if they are installed by a professional landscaping company. The large patio also gives you the room to have a grill and a table for entertaining.
  • Custom-made in-ground pools. Summer in Newport RI is synonymous with swimming. If your new home isn’t right on the beach, mind as well bring the beach to you by installing an in-ground pool. Premier Landscape has helped homeowners design dozens of pools in various shapes and sizes. One of our experts will be happy to survey your property and discuss the options you have.
  • Retaining walls. One issue many homeowners don’t consider when building a new home is how well their yard will withstand erosion. If your new Newport RI home is on the coastline or built into a hill, you run the risk of losing you topsoil to erosion. With artfully crafted and professionally installed, a retaining wall will prevent this issue from happening. Retaining walls can also serve as places for family and friends to sit and with a few carefully placed flowers and plants can be a beautiful centerpiece to any front or back yard.

Already have your mind set on a hardscape or landscape design? Perfect! At Premier Landscape, we’ve made it simple for our customers to get their thoughts down in writing — just fill out our free project estimate form with a description and we’ll get to work!