Peak foliage season is coming to a close as we enter the month of November, which means the leaves are starting to fall and collect in your yard.

For us Rhode Island natives, that means it’s time once again for fall cleanup. However, raking leaves and clipping back perennials can be backbreaking and time consuming work — and many homeowners aren’t quite sure which of their plants to leave standing or prune back during the fall season. At Premier Landscape, let us do the work for you!

Premier Landscape’s Ultimate Fall Cleanup List:

  • Collecting leaves. Whether you have a large or small yard, our lawn maintenance professionals will make sure to round up all the leaves from every nook and cranny on your property. It’s important to remove dead leaves before the first heavy snowfall so as not to kill your grass.
  • Trimming dead branches. Did you know that leaving dead branches and limbs on your shrubs or trees isn’t good for the healthy part of the plant? Extra energy is spent by the plant trying to provide nourishment to these dead limbs; trimming them allows nutrients to make their way to healthy plant cells instead.
  • Cut perennials back. Trimming perennials down to the stubs is best for conserving vital nutrients. The plant will then store energy in it’s roots throughout the winter so that during the spring and summer months healthier stalks will grow. Premier Landscape’s experts are familiar with both native and non-native perennials, which means you will always have a healthy looking garden next year.
  • Mulch new plants. Fall season is planting season because the temperatures are relatively mild and stable and there’s plenty of rain for plants to take root in their new home. After planting shrubs and trees in your yard, our landscapers in Newport County will mulch these young plants to make sure their roots are properly insulated for the winter.
  • Lawn mowing. Once all of the above fall cleanup and prep work is completed, Premier Landscape will stop by your property one last time for a final season mow-down as well as ensure everything else is prepped for the winter.

Make this fall easier on you and your family by choosing fall cleanup services and leaf removal from Premier Landscape! Contact us today at (401) 682-2959