Masonry is likely the highlight of your next landscape project in Barrington, RI, whether you’re installing a new patio or a beautiful seating stone wall. It’s a detailed part of the job that can take up significant time in your project’s timeline. When it’s done right, by qualified, expert masonry contractors, you’ll be enjoying the results for many years, every time you step outside. There are a lot of elements to consider during the design phase, as well as the installation phase, to ensure that your masonry project is completed on time.


The Design Phase

The design process is arguably the most important stage of a masonry project. This is when your masonry contractor will need to work closely with you to make certain your expectations are met. Spending adequate time on this part of the process and not rushing through the design phase can help prevent misunderstandings or mishaps that could hinder the accurate scheduling of a masonry project.


Choosing the Material

It is important for your landscape contractor to know exactly what type of material and overall appearance you are looking for in your masonry project. The color, style, and shape of the pavers or wall units will be deciding factors, while the availability of your final choice could affect the schedule. Material delays could take a project off its initial timeline.

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Design Placement

Whether your masonry project is grand or small, where you intend to incorporate this work is crucial to your masonry contractor’s design and scheduling process. The masonry contractor will be considering things such as sloping and drainage issues, existing landscaping and hardscape design and other outliers that could potentially impact the installation process.


Design Layout

Changing a design layout mid installation can have a negative effect on project completion. Ideally, you are clear on your expectations from the start. This will avoid any last minute changes that could delay your project. To finalize your vision, your contractor will work with you on the design plans and renderings. This allows you to see the finished project before installation begins. It is at this stage when you can make changes and voice your thoughts about what you like and don’t like.


The Right Masonry Crew

Having a labor force that is experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled will help to keep the project running on time. If an unforeseen issue occurs, a skilled crew will be prepared to find solutions that reduce downtime or delays.


Weather Conditions

Although weather can be unpredictable, it is still something a contractor will factor in as the schedule is set. Storms and rain could have an impact on the installation process.

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Job Site Organization

Working in an organized and clean environment makes work more efficient. Your contractor will have a labor crew that keeps a staged and tidy workspace, with materials and tools in the proper location and trash and debris removed daily. This way, the workers are able to move about, locate needed supplies, and keep focused on their tasks—and in effect keeping the project running on time.



Communication between all parties is essential to making sure the project stays on target for scheduled completion. This may include the contractor’s design team, project management team, and installation crew. This allows smooth transitions should an issue arise.