With summer quickly drawing to a close, you may be looking for some lawn care tips to help your yard look great and healthy through the fall. This year’s summer has been marked by little rain and humidity, leaving your lawn looking dry and thin.

To help your yard flourish through the fall, you may want to consider two options. The first option is to hire a full service landscaping company! The company will handle all of your landscape maintenance needs, and take the stress off of you for the upkeep of your exterior. The second option is to consider some of these practices to get your lawn on the right track on your own.

  1. Aeration – your lawn needs to breathe! From summer’s outdoor activities, soil may become tightly packed, leaving your lawn suffocating. Remove a few tiny pieces of soil around your yard, and this will greatly help with circulation, obtaining water and nutrients
  2. Overseed – Humidity and lack of rain can wreak havoc on your lawn, causing it to become thin and weak. Overseeding is the process of seeding over grass that is already grown in. This will help strengthen the area against future damage and disease and create new growths, so your lawn can head into fall looking full.
  3. Fertilize (again) in the fall – Fertilizing in the fall helps to give your lawn an extra boost going into the winter months. The lawn can store the nutrients from the fertilizer to help it last a bit longer, and protect its’ root system for when it gets colder! The best time to fertilize would be mid – late November.

If you decide to go with a professional landscaping company instead, consider a Newport county landscaper! Premier Landscape here to build healthy lawns in the Newport count Rhode Island area. To get your lawn ready for the fall season, simply fill out our build-your-own landscape maintenance plan!