An outdoor fireplace would be a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space in Jamestown, RI. It adds a warm, charming look and feel while creating a great place to gather around and talk with friends and family. How do you get started choosing an outdoor fireplace that would work well for your landscape? Start with the color and materials you think will best suit your property. Here is how to find out which type of outdoor fireplace is best for you:

Factor in Your Style

First you will want to consider what type of home you have, and what look you want to add to your landscape. What aesthetic does your home have: rustic charm, traditional elegance, or modern style? You will want to choose a fireplace that matches with the feel that already exists within your home and around your landscape. This evaluation will help your outdoor fireplace blend in while also complementing the beauty of your home. The idea is to create one cohesive space your guests will enjoy.

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Look at Various Materials

Once you’ve decided on a style, you can choose the material you would like for your outdoor fireplace. If your home is a rustic charmer, the Bella Fireplace by Unilock might be a good choice. The Bella is made of Rivercrest Wall, which has the appearance of stacked stone and adds a naturalized look that will complement homes with heavy wooden and earthy tones.

For a traditional and elegant look, either the Tuscany or the Barcelona fireplaces are gorgeous choices. Both reminiscent of classic European architecture, they feature Brussels Dimensional Stone with different accents that lend a unique touch. If you want a contemporary feel, the Moda fireplace made with Lineo Dimensional Stone has a smooth, sharp look that matches with any modern home. The straight lines and consistent units make it a perfect fit for new, upscale construction.

Choose Colors

The Bella Fireplace has the look of thick slate stones stacked in a naturalized formation. The colors reflect varying natural soft gray tones that would be found alongside a river, as the name Rivercrest suggests. It’s perfect to complement natural, earthy tones found in rustic designs. For traditional elegance, both the Tuscany and Barcelona are made with Brussels Dimensional Stone, which has a gorgeous palette consisting of beiges, taupes, and browns. While the Tuscany has deep, red-brown Copthorne accents, the Barcelona has creamy, light accents that brighten up the color scheme. Consider if your space has warmer or cooler tones, and you’ll know which one is a better fit for you. Finally, the Moda has mostly lighter gray units with deep, smoky-gray accents. It’s perfect for a similarly matched patio of Lineo, with the darker charcoal accents in borders and corners.

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No matter which fireplace you choose, you’re adding practicality and warmth to your outdoor design. Simply try to stick with the overall style of your home, and you can’t go wrong! If you want more help choosing a great fireplace design, or want to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us today.