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Does My Yard Need a Retaining Wall?

Homes along the ocean in Rhode Island are often situated on steep slopes. Although we get great views and beach front property, it’s always a challenge when it comes to the backyard space.

If you’re familiar with trying to find flat ground to put down some lawn chairs, or always having to re-mulch your yard because the rain washes it away too quickly, then your yard will benefit from a retaining wall.

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is considered a hardscaping aspect of one’s landscape. It is a man-made structure composed of stone, timbers, concrete or brick. The purpose of a retaining wall is twofold: aesthetics as well as functionality.

Retaining walls can help divide up the yard and organize it, making the appearance more pleasing on the eye. Depending on how steep the slope, your yard may need multiple retaining walls — and each layer can house different plants or flowers.

Functionally, retaining walls prevent soil erosion and runoff. Depending on what the wall is supposed to be retaining, the material may change. For example, something heavy such as a pool will need a reinforced concrete retaining wall in order to support the weight. If the ground is composed of soil rather than clay, then large boulders will do the trick to hold the yard in place.

What Retaining Wall is Best?

It all depends on your yard when choosing a type of retaining wall. At Premier Landscape LLC, we use 3D designs to help you visualize the appearance of your new retaining wall. Our professional landscapers will discuss with you the options you have in order to achieve both a functional and aesthetically pleasing yard. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your next hardscaping project!

“The Premier Landscape team did a spectacular job at bringing our poolscape to life. The multi-level stone patios and walls maximized our views of the water from our pool area and created the resort-like feel we wanted in our vacation home.”
Premier Landscape Customer
“The outdoor fireplace you created exceeded our expectations. The stonework was tight and visually appealing. We were so pleased with the end result! Even the patio you created was spacious and provided us with ample room to enjoy intimate family nights by the fire, or to host a group of friends.”
Premier Landscape Customer




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