With a third of the town of Dartmouth MA located along the seacoast, there are dozens of opportunities for Premier Landscape to design some spectacular landscapes for homeowners and businesses. As a CRMC-certified landscaping company, you can rest assured that Premier Landscape will design and build your new outdoor space with the existing ecosystem in mind. After helping dozens of homeowners and businesses in the area with their new landscape, here are some of the most popular projects.

  1. Garden Beds & Edging. New garden beds are a quick and easy way to improve your front and backyard spaces. However, the professional look happens when there’s edging involved. Premier Landscape carefully works around the perimeter of your new garden bed layouts to ensure that the garden bed doesn’t erode over time due to repeated mulch application and grass overgrowth.
  2. Retaining Walls. Having property along the waterfront in Dartmouth is a dream come true for any homeowner — except when your property starts to slowly slide into the ocean. Premier Landscape’s professionally engineered and meticulously installed retaining walls help prevent soil erosion for waterfront properties and for any property located on a slope.
  3. Stone Firepits. There’s no better way to enjoy your outdoor space than to have a bunch of friends and family members over to your house and having a bonfire! Premier Landscape’s beautiful outdoor firepits last for years due to the quality materials used and proper installation techniques. Our landscape designers will work with you to create a stone patio large enough for plenty of outdoor seating.
  4. Natural Stone Walkways. Many homes in Dartmouth have large properties and it can be difficult for homeowners to travel from the front of the house to the back without having to travel over grass and uneven terrain. Premier Landscape’s solution is to install a natural stone walkway that wraps around the home. Walkways reduce wear and tear on grass caused by foot traffic as well as improve safety at night when opting for outdoor lighting as well.
  5. In-Ground Pool. Our team of landscape designers will meet with you at your property to determine the best place and size of your new in-ground pool. For Dartmouth residents, both standard rectangular pools have been popular as well as more customized shapes that fit seamlessly into the existing layout of the property.

Looking for more ideas and inspiration for your new landscape? Check out our portfolio!