We all know that houses look more inviting when great landscaping is involved. Plenty of trees, flowers and native shrubs are highly desirable. In fact, great professional landscaping can add an estimated 28% to your home’s value. But there’s another element to great landscaping that provides additional beauty: Hardscaping.

What is hardscaping?

Landscaping includes all the living elements of a yard: the trees, shrubs, flowers and grass. Hardscaping encompasses all non-living materials in a yard that are incorporated into your home’s landscape. These materials can be used for aesthetic purposes or serve an important structural purpose.

The amount of hardscaping found in a yard all depends on what the layout of the yard looks like and the desired appearance. Here are a few popular hardscaping materials you can choose from to get the look and feel you want for your yard.

Types of hardscape materials

  • Brick. A classic look that will never get old, brick comes in a variety of shades of red or gray and works well for privacy walls, patios and steps.
  • Concrete. Much less expensive than brick, concrete is versatile and can be molded into any pattern or shape. These days many homeowners are opting for stained concrete looks for their outdoor patios.
  • Wood. Another timeless hardscaping material. Wood is usually a material used in conjunction with another material such as brick or stone. Adding a wooden deck or pavilion to your yard is a great addition.
  • Stone. You have plenty of options to choose from! Flagstone, slate, quartize and sandstone are all popular choices. Be sure to consult your professional landscaping company regarding what hardscaping job you require and they can recommend the best type of stone for the job.
  • Gravel. Although this is technically a material that is comprised of stone, gravel is an important element to hardscaping. Looking to redo your walkway with flagstones? Fine gravel will usually be put in place between the stones to prevent weed growth and shifting.

Why hire a professional landscaper?

When it comes to hardscaping, hiring a professional landscaping company such as Premier Landscape is your best bet to getting the results you want. Hardscaping can also be a dangerous endeavor for those who don’t have any prior experience. Materials can be heavy and can result in personal injuries. Contact your local landscaper today to ask about estimates!