If you’re looking to spend less time working in the garden and more time enjoying it from the comfort of your deck or patio, then why purchase those expensive flowers that are high maintenance?

The Northeast weather can really put a damper in terms of what types of plants we can have in our yard, but there are a few beautiful, hardy perennials that thrive in this region. Here are a few of our favorite low-maintenance plants.

Astilbe: This flowering shrub is known for dense, dark green foliage and a colorful display of flowers that come in all shades of pink, red, white and lavender. These plants are low maintenance due to their love of shady spots. However, note that they do need damp soil to thrive. These plants grow to be two feet tall and wide.

Miscanthus: Ornamental grass is a great way to still keep your yard classy, yet without the added effort. This type of grass can grow to be nearly 8 feet tall and loves full sunlight and well-drained soil. An added bonus of this grass is that it can be enjoyed all year long.

Trillium: If there was a flowering plant that defines the Northeast, the Trillium might be it. This 16 inch tall plant loves shade and moist soil and provides beautiful white, yellow or maroon flowers. They will also remain dormant in midsummer, offering other plants in your yard their time to shine.

Soapwort: Don’t let the sound of the name dissuade you from planting this gorgeous ground-cover flower. Growing to around 2 feet tall and wide, the Soapwort is easy to grow and displays pink, purple or white flowers from summer to fall. Try growing this flower with Yarrow.

Bleeding Heart: This old-fashioned shrub has been a staple of the Northeast — and for good reason! The pink flowers are shaped like hearts and extend on delicate branches. In the fall, they leaves provide gorgeous coloration to your yard. Growing up to 4 feet tall and wide, they love shade and damp soil.

Hiring a professional landscaping and lawn maintenance company in the Portsmouth RI area can be beneficial in terms of how you should section out your garden beds to provide room for these new perennials. A landscaper should have plenty of experience mapping out yards. At Premier Landscape, we know what plants work best in the Northeast, and these five are great low-maintenance shrubs. Contact us for an estimate!