Imagine arriving home at the end of a long day knowing that you can relax in your Little Compton, RI, yard to the blissful sounds of water. Whether the space available is very large or somewhat small, a water feature can be a focal point of your landscape design. Here are three ways to perk up your landscape with a beautiful water feature:

For the Patio

A raised water feature with a spouting fountain and underwater lighting can be a perfect addition to a small patio. Combined with a pergola to create a more intimate space and comfortable chairs, this is just the place for relaxed conversation and an evening drink.

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Adding a waterfall feature to a wood or stone wall is a modern way to incorporate water into the patio landscape, while recessing a water feature into the floor of your patio would encourage peaceful stillness. An infinity style water feature can function as a soothing contemporary water element while appearing as a piece of art. A striking tall rock column with bubbling water can be a water feature and a focal point, too.

In the Yard

An unused corner of the yard can become a water oasis if you consider a waterfall that lands gently into some multicolored rocks. Add spotlights to illuminate this pretty water feature at night, and you have a nighttime relaxation spot. With a bench or chairs for sitting nearby, this can quickly become a favorite part of your landscape.

If you are a flower lover, creating a water feature in the center of a flower bed is an attractive way to enhance your enjoyment of floral displays. It could be a favorite colored tall pot converted into a bubbling fountain, or a concrete urn spilling over into a tiny surrounding pond.  Or you can have a freestanding water wall in which the moisture falls continuously like rain into a pebble bed.

As a Pond

Designed to fit into your unique terrain, a traditional pond could be just what you need, or perhaps consider a pond that is fed by a cascading waterfall. Using a graduated set of huge landscaping stones to establish a base for the cascade, the ending point can be a pond. Or the waterfall can be built into a stacked stone wall with a pond catching the water from the wall.

A winding river of landscape rocks could meander through your property to finish in a pond that has several levels. Tuck some ferns and flowering plants into your pond to add beauty and draw in birds and other wildlife to your yard. You can even add goldfish!

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We usually think big when we think of ponds, but a pond can be small and charming, too. An ornamental pond with a few lily pads, some reeds and a frog or two might be just what you need for a small yard water feature. A path of stepping stones that lead to your little pond would make visiting this spot a highlight of every day.

There are a myriad of benefits to a water feature in your Little Compton, RI, landscape: While a water feature produces a pleasing sound, it can also reduce the surrounding noise and bring refreshing moisture to the environment.