Extend your living space and add hours of enjoyment to your Jamestown, RI, backyard with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Good planning and attention to detail will ensure that your outdoor kitchen meets all your needs for years to come. Consider these three classic kitchen designs to create an outdoor kitchen that will never go out of style.

Design Considerations

Before you start planning the design of your outdoor kitchen, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. A user-friendly outdoor kitchen has many of the same requirements as an indoor kitchen. You’ll need zones for food prep, cooking and cleaning as well as room for storage.

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Start with a list of your must-have features. Almost every outdoor kitchen includes a grill. Think beyond the grill and ensure your new kitchen has everything you need to prepare a complete meal. Appliances such as a fridge, warming oven or dishwasher all add functionality to your cooking space.

Spare a thought for utilities too. Are you happy using a propane tank to power the grill or would you prefer to have gas lines run to the kitchen? Other utilities, such as running water and electricity, can make your kitchen much more user-friendly. Cleaning up after a meal is far easier when you have water and light available.

Lastly, consider the placement of your outdoor kitchen. The size of your yard, location of other structures and proximity to your home are all factors that will affect the size and style of your kitchen.

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Formal Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen should complement your landscape design. If you have a classic brick home and a formal landscape, a traditional brick kitchen is an ideal fit for your backyard. Matching the brick in your hardscaping to your home will help create a cohesive landscape.

More consistency can be created by matching countertops to the coping used on other masonry features. Consider traditional and timeless wrought iron accents, such as barstools and outdoor lighting. Complete your formal kitchen with coordinating brick pavers that are durable and weather resistant.

A classic kitchen favors straight lines and simple design. Choose a straight or L-shaped layout and include traditional appliances such as a grill, fridge and sink. For an extra touch, add a brick pizza oven and enjoy delicious homemade pizza and bread.

Modern Kitchen

A sleek and modern outdoor kitchen will complement your modern home. Consider smooth finishes such as smooth concrete, polished granite, stucco, or tile to create a modern kitchen that won’t look dated. Concrete pavers provide excellent design flexibility, allowing for creative designs and room for plenty of modern touches.

Incorporate stainless steel appliances and cabinets and include modern touches such as a wine chiller or refrigerated drawers.  A contemporary kitchen can also feature state of the art electronics. Surround sound and a flat screen TV will make your kitchen the entertainment hub of your landscape.

Rustic Kitchen

For a landscape that evokes the feel of country living, add a rustic outdoor kitchen. Natural stone finishes and wooden accents create the perfect country kitchen. Wooden beams and ceilings can be incorporated into the design, provided they allow proper clearance and ventilation.

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Include a beautiful stone fireplace to add warmth and atmosphere. Allow wood storage to be part of the design to add to the rustic feel. Finally, comfortable seating and sturdy textiles will complete the look.