Have you been looking out into a sea of cripsy brown grass as opposed to a lush green oasis lately? Rhode Island hasn’t seen much rain this summer, and you may be wondering what you can do to keep your lawn from dying a slow death.

At Premier Landscape, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that will help you maintain your lawn in a drought.

Signs of Drought in Your Lawn

  • Step Test. Head outside and walk around your lawn. If your feet leave an impression in the grass, then this is a sign that the lawn is in desperate need of some water. Well hydrated lawns should spring back up after stepping.
  • Color Assessment. Grass should be a bright green when watered properly. In the early stages of a drought, the grass may become blue-green or gray-green in color. If it still does not get enough water, the color will turn a light tan of golden color.

Ways to Combat a Drought

  • Restrict Mowing. When rain is plenty, it’s best to keep your grass short. But in drought, let the grass grow a bit longer. Longer blades or grass means a deeper root system; deeper roots means the grass can get to water deeper within the soil.
  • Reuse Clippings. Although lawn mowing should be frequent in times of drought, be sure to leave the clippings on the lawn when you do mow. This will help return nutrients and moisture to the remaining blades and help prevent diseases.
  • Hydration Management. Limit your lawn’s water to roughly an inch every week by watering twice a week. Over-watering could lead to soil runoff, leading to nutritional deficits. Also be sure to water your lawn in the early morning hours or at night so no evaporation from the sun takes place.
  • Nutritional Diet. No, we don’t mean for you! Lawns get hungry too and at Premier Landscape, we highly recommend a nutrient rich fertilizer be placed throughout your lawn during the springtime. When summer droughts roll around, your grass will have more energy stored up for the long haul.

Our Rhode Island landscaping company is here to help your lawn get through the hot summer months! Sign up for a lawn maintenance plan that extends through the summer and into the fall months to make sure that your lawn is properly cared for and maintained.