Every enthusiastic entertainer needs a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen that facilitates every part of the food preparation process. A well-planned kitchen can simplify your summer barbecues by minimising the number of tedious trips you have to make to you indoor kitchen. This leaves you with more time to socialise and enjoy your time outdoors. Here are a few must-have features for a stylish yet functional outdoor kitchen in North Kingstown, RI:

The bare necessities

There are a few necessities, such as power and running water, without which your outdoor kitchen would not be able to function properly. A quality grill, kitchen sink and refrigerator are common and irreplaceable elements of any kitchen, and should have a place in yours. There are a few smaller items that are easy to overlook until they are needed, at which point one realises their utmost importance. Trash cans and counter space fall under this crucial category. Without an overhead structure, your outdoor experience can easily be ruined by light rain or harsh sunlight. Have your outdoor kitchen fitted with a pergola to keep your outdoor kitchen shaded while ensuring that there is still adequate ventilation in place.

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Complete cover

When it comes to choosing an overhead structure for you outdoor kitchen, you will be met with a variety of interesting options. A pergola, for example, can be customized in various ways to achieve different aesthetics and degrees of coverage. A sturdy pergola will be able to withstand the elements and can be fitted with a canvas cover to the kitchen from light rain. In summer, a romantic pergola with a louvred roof will provide just enough shade to keep the area cool. A fiberglass covering provides comprehensive coverage, while allowing plenty of natural light into the outdoor room. Pergolas can also be fitted with billowing curtains in summer, to provide shade and create a relaxed, resort-like look and feel.

Safety first

It is absolutely essential that your outdoor kitchen is safe at all times. An unfortunate accident is guaranteed to put a stop to any party. To prevent slips and falls, opt for rugged, non-slip pavers for your outdoor kitchen floor. Hazardous appliances, such as the grill, should be kept at a safe distance from areas of high foot traffic. Your outdoor kitchen should also be well-lit and easy to navigate at night. Adequate landscape lighting will also enable you to see what you’re cooking, minimizing mistakes and frustration.

Party starters

Certain features enhance the fun-factor of an outdoor kitchen and serve as effective attractions. A pizza oven, for example, is often a hit. Kids love building their own custom pizzas and watching them bake. Pizza ovens also create a lot of light and heat in the evening, making their surroundings more cozy and inviting. A beer tap and mini fridge designated to drinks will have guests returning to your outdoor kitchen, while a collection of comfortable bar stools will serve as an invitation to chat to the cook and watch the food being prepared. Features that are often found indoors, such as televisions and ceiling fans, make outdoor kitchen more comfortable and can give them a luxurious look and feel.

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