Your pool and patio space in your Tiverton, RI, backyard should be your own personal oasis: a calm and comfortable space to get away from it all. However, improperly installed masonry, sloppy planning, and an overall bad design can turn your outdoor recreation space into a disappointing headache. It’s important to make your pool and patio area flow together seamlessly so that you and your guests can easily enjoy all of the amenities your backyard have to offer. Read on and we’ll show you how to make your pool and patio look perfectly integrated and cohesive.

Choose the Same Pavers

The number one rule for making your patio space and pool deck flow seamlessly together is to choose one type of material to use consistently across these areas. While you can still add decorative elements around the pool or in the patio area, for the majority of your paved spaces, it’s best to use one type of material to weave the spaces together.

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Look for Simplicity

Intricate patterns and colors are beautiful when it comes to choosing pavers for your patio. But if you are trying to marry two large paved spaces together in a sophisticated way, it’s best to keep things simple. Large scale pavers in lighter hues tend to create the best modern effect when you’re attempting to cover a large space in your backyard. They can help to create the most attractive finished effect. Plus, if you keep your project simple, it will be easier to add your own personalized touches in the end.

Clean Line of Sight

Just like with interior design, an open concept is ideal for outdoor paved spaces as well. If you’re trying to incorporate your patio and pool in a fluid way, it’s best to keep your patio and pool in full view of each other. Speak with your landscape professional if you wish to add a fire pit or outdoor kitchen to your backyard plan. Be sure to have them constructed in a way that won’t obstruct your patio and pool view. By keeping a straight line of vision and a clear, paved walkway between the patio and the pool, you’ll achieve a seamless look without skipping a beat.

Integrate Details

Once you’ve created a uniform look between your patio and your pool with clean, easy to see pavers, you can add in some fun details to make your backyard look uniquely your own. Consider adding a border in a contrasting stone or color around your pool and around the perimeter of your patio to help tie everything together. Or you can have some decorative masonry added to make everything perfectly match. These details are the key to making every element look planned, orderly, and refinished in an upscale and elegant way.

If you are planning on having a pool installed, or you simply want to update your patio and pool deck, be sure to consider making these spaces as uniform as can be. By planning out your project and making these spaces match, you’ll create a visually pleasing effect that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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