Your front entry isn’t just a way to the heart of your home. It’s what leaves the first impression on visitors to your Jamestown, RI, property and onlookers who admire it from a distance. So, what do you want people to feel and see when they step onto your front yard and make their way to your front door? Whether you want it to reflect your personality and lifestyle, a one-of-a-kind look or something you saw in a magazine, an expert mason can bring your vision to life with natural stone stairs and pillars.

Frame Your Entry with New Stairs, Pillars

When it comes to enhancing the curb appeal of your home, there are many things to add to your front entryway. New plantings and lighting features can add a fine touch, but long-lasting stairs constructed from natural stone will take it to another level, as will pillars that showcase the exact spot to welcome guests into your home. They’re the perfect complements to the accent features that make the front entry stand out as your own.

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Why Natural Stone?

Natural stone is sure to give a whole new dimension to your front entry. It offers versatility and assurance that your front landscape will endure through any rough seasonal patches in Rhode Island. They fit with most any style taste, and they can bear the abuse of snow, rain, and constant sunlight—natural stone can handle it all without deteriorating.

Another reason to choose natural stone is its undefeated character. For natural stone stairs, there’s a uniqueness with every step and an incomparable texture that creates a storied, timeless aesthetic once all the stone pavers are put in place. They look firm, sturdy, and solid, and prove their durability over time.

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Apart from offering uniqueness, genuine stone also offers a wide range of colors. This gives you many options when choosing the tones that will match your home’s exterior or that will create contrast if that’s your preference.

Cool undertones such as light gray and dark gray are great for contemporary front-entry designs, bringing a bold yet sophisticated flair to the home. On the other hand, sand, light red, or beige tones can open up the front entry, especially when combined with vibrant plants.

Finding the Right Materials

An expert mason can create custom stonework that elevates the first impression your home conveys by using top-quality natural stone products. Unilock’s natural stone products are treated with special finishes in order to look beautiful after years of facing the challenges that humans and nature impose on them. In addition, they offer first-rate resilience.

At Premier Landscape, our team is skilled and well informed on the materials, safety requirements, and installation techniques that can make your entryway vision a reality.