Although it may seem warm out right now, winter is just around the corner, so it’s best to get your yard and garden prepared for the snow and cold. Your plants may already be preparing themselves for the long haul, so you should always be sure to play your part in the process.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when winterizing your garden and yard this year.

  • Wrap tree trunks. Wrapping tree trunks is a great way to prevent sun scald during the winter months. Trees that have very thin bark will especially benefit from this so the bark doesn’t split from cold weather.
  • Use wire screens. Landscaping companies will stress the importance of surrounding shrubs and smaller trees with a mesh screen. The benefits of wire screening is to prevent animals from browsing during the winter.
  • Burlap coverings. We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of homes that have their evergreens wrapped up in burlap. The reason landscapers wrap these evergreens is because they dry out easily, but burlap will retain moisture for  month.
  • Add mulch layers. Although you may think about adding mulch in the spring, adding a protective layer after a hard freeze will actually help regulate the temperature of your garden bed throughout the winter. Ask your local professional landscaping company which type of mulch they recommend.
  • Trim back. Go through your garden and make sure to remove all dead perennials and other dried up debris. This will not harm the plant; in fact, it will help the growing process in the spring by not impeding the new shoots in the spring.

According to a 2015 IBIS World market report, the landscaping industry saw an annual growth of 3.4% from the previous year, which means more homeowners are making better decisions on how to protect their gardens and yards. Hiring a professional landscaper will ensure that your plants will be prepared for the winter months in Portsmouth, RI.