Fall River’s Professional Landscaping Company

Located just over the border of Rhode Island, Fall River has seen a major boom in housing and business development over the past decade. Premier Landscape is here to help make sure both the residential and commercial outdoor spaces match the beautiful new housing developments and local storefronts.

Landscape Services in Fall River

Based in Portsmouth RI, our professional landscaping and hardscaping company is just a quick drive to Fall River up Route 24. The city — known for it’s 19th century textile mills — covers nearly 40 square miles, many of which are protected woodlands and bodies of water. Our landscape designs work to incorporate the surrounding environment into your outdoor space. Whether you need a new garden bed, privacy planting, sod or hydroseeding, Premier Landscape is here to help beautify your yard. All flowers, trees and shrubs are locally sourced from Portsmouth RI nurseries.

Not only do we provide landscaping services, but also hardscaping and masonry work. We’re known throughout the Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts area for coming up with creative solutions for homeowners who want to transform their outdoor space. No yard is too small or too sloped for hardscaping! Let our design crew get to work on a new outdoor patio, outdoor kitchen, fire pit or in-ground swimming pool for you, your family and your guests to enjoy. We only use quality masonry and hardscaping materials sourced locally so you can guarantee your new design will last a lifetime.

Commercial Landscape Construction

Premier Landscape has been providing commercial landscaping and hardscaping for nearly a decade. Our landscape construction work in Fall River has included improving parks and other public spaces by installing walkways, adding row trees or privacy shrubs, as well as beautifying garden beds. We also work closely with home building contractors who are seeking to achieve a move-in-ready look for their finished homes. Premier Landscape is a full service landscaping construction company, which means we’re here to design, install and properly maintain your commercial space in Fall River.

Why Choose Premier Landscape

We aren’t your average landscaping company in Fall River — we’re full service. That means we ensure that your next project is designed, installed and maintained by us. Premier Landscape’s team of hardworking and dedicated individuals believe in quality customer service so you can guarantee that we won’t just be “those strangers” working in the yard. We’re approachable, polite, and attune to your needs from start to finish.

Not only do we believe in providing the best customer service in the industry, but also the best treatment of our employees. Our entire landscaping crew is certified for on-site job safety to reduce risk and error — this includes knowledge of the operation of large machinery which we often use at job sites. It’s important to us that your project is completed safely and by using the best industry practices in horticulture, masonry and 3D CAD design work.

If you’re interested in learning more about our capabilities or are ready to start a project, contact Premier Landscape today for a free estimate within 48 hours.

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