Our Landscape Design Process

Learning and understanding your design style and preferences, as well as how you live your life, are an integral part of the Landscape Design process at Premier Landscape.  Getting to know your personal tastes give our designers the key to unlocking your landscaping style; enabling us to develop a design that mirrors your own incomparable style and one that suits your lifestyle needs.

Our professionals take into account all variables from weather and topography to soil composition and erosion potential for perfect horticultural suitability in order to make sure your landscape is a long-term success.

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Gairad DeCastro runs a fantastic landscaping/patio installation operation( Premier Landscape) as evidenced by my new backyard space! His prices are reasonable and the work was done in a very timely manner. I can’t say enough about Greg and Will who worked so quickly and efficiently even during a brutal heat wave. They were so polite, friendly and very hard working. It’s sometimes hard to have “strangers” working at your home but those two made it seamless and even enjoyable! Gairad and his crew thought outside the box when necessary, another big plus! Thanks guys!
Susan B

Landscape Design Capabilities

At Premier Landscape, we offer three ways to envision your landscape design. We do this by using computer-aided design software (CAD) specifically created for our industry that helps speed up the initial stages of the landscaping and hardscaping process and helps people like you get a clear understanding of what the final outcome will look like.

Black & White CAD Drawings. Professional, to-scale landscape design drawings help create an accurate blueprint of your project. This basic design method is very efficient and budget-friendly.

Full-Color CAD Drawings. Professional, to-scale landscape design drawings with full-color rendering help bring an accurate blueprint of your project to life. Being able to see colors will aid in your material selection decisions. This option is great for clients who have a good vision and can picture what the two-dimensional drawing will look like in real life.

3D Design Renderings. Bring your design to life. See exactly how it will look before you even break ground! These renderings help clients who have a hard time envisioning what the project may look like in real life. We can swap material selections with a click of a mouse and show you exactly how it could change the theme and feel of the project. We can walk you through step by step to see every angle of the project in detail. It creates a true, professional, to-scale image of exactly what your project will look like!

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