Have a new-build home that could use some curb appeal, or perhaps you’re looking to update an outdated front yard? Premier Landscape is here to help you design and install a new yard for your property. When it comes to landscaping, we like to apply a “business in the front, party in the back” mantra: make your front yard clean, presentable, and put together, while in the backyard you can have that outdoor kitchen and in-ground pool you’ve always wanted.

That doesn’t mean you can’t add some custom flare to your front yard, however. Let our landscaping design and installation company in Portsmouth and Newport RI create a jaw-dropping landscape that best suits your home.

Front Yard Ideas for Rhode Island Residents

  • Stone Walkway. Your walkway is what will lead guests to your front door, so it should be functional as well as appealing. Having an uneven walkway or one with missing stones or bricks can cause potential trip and fall accidents. Walkways not installed properly also won’t last as  long and are no match for invading weeds. Premier Landscape had professionally installed hundreds of stone and paver walkways and our products are built to last — guaranteed.
  • Garden Island. For those with large yards, it can be a hassle to try and maintain a healthy lawn throughout the summer months. Reduce your lawn space and opt for a garden island or two placed strategically around your property. Premier Landscape can recommend beautiful flowering trees such as crab apple or boxwood to go along with privacy shrubs and perennials. These islands create privacy as well as break up the monotony of a large lawn.
  • Perimeter Garden Beds. Garden beds along the perimeter of your home offer a variety of benefits, including temperature control for your home, privacy, and curb appeal. When installed correctly by a professional landscaping company, they can even have drainage features that help prevent standing water from collecting on your property. The best part about re-designed garden beds is that they can be any shape or size and you have a variety of mulch color options to choose from to make your yard more suited to your style.
  • Rock Wall. If your town allows walls and/or fences on front lawns, then having a low-rise rock wall is a great addition to any yard. It improves your home’s safety and security as well as adds character and charm. Rock walls and other hardscaping features are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your home when installed correctly. There are dozens of different material options for you to choose from and Premier Landscsape can draw up a 3D design for you to see the look.

Interested in improving the look of your front yard? Contact Premier Landscape today for a free estimate on your next project!