Privacy can begin feeling like a luxury, even while at home. A newly renovated Tiverton, RI, backyard could be tarnished if you feel like you’re in a fish bowl and everyone (or at least your neighbors) is watching your every move. While the construction of a tall fence or wall could be the simplest way to shield your property from the road or a nearby home, you may feel such a rigid structure would have a confining effect that’s not appealing to you. Here are a few other ways to achieve privacy without compromising the aesthetic and carefree atmosphere of your landscape design.

A Living Barrier

While wooden and concrete walls serve as effective barriers, they can change the atmosphere of a landscape and make it appear smaller. Clusters of plants, on the other hand, are a good alternative for homeowners who prefer not feeling cooped up. Densely packed evergreens and hedges offer privacy and tranquility, while certain shrubs can be selected for their low maintenance requirements. A solid plant barrier should consist of several layers, with different plant varieties grouped together so that, if undetected, any damage by pests or disease will be spread evenly throughout the barrier and will not be able to create a large gaping hole.

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Spa-inspired Curtains

Drape durable curtains along the edges of a newly installed pergola to create impermanent privacy. The curtains can be pulled aside when guests are welcome and drawn shut when you need time alone. The curtains will also serve to shield you from the scorching sun. Look into curtains that are made from fabric suited to the outdoors, while retaining a lovely resort-like look and feel. Another effective way to use curtains for privacy: Stark white curtains billowing in a light breeze could be a way to give your poolside an instant facelift, making it look and feel more relaxing and luxurious.

Trellises and Breathable Barriers

Just like curtains, trellises are good candidates for creating impermanent privacy. They are movable and breathable, preventing a feeling of confinement from settling in. Trellises are particularly appealing when plants are allowed to creep up their sides and weave throughout their intricate designs. A fence can also be stripped down to a few wooden panels, interlinked by a screen of delicate, lacy vegetation. The wooden panels can be painted using bright colors, should the landscape need more character.

Redirect Attention

Trying to shroud an unsightly view in plenty of plants can often serve to draw even more attention to that spot. Draw the eye away from undesirable views by creating eye-catching focal points in other areas of the landscape. A large ceramic pot overflowing with colorful flowers and ornamental grasses, or a stylish arrangement of outdoor furniture surrounding a cozy fire pit, are both excellent examples of stunning focal points. You can also redirect attention from the sound of passing cars by nestling a water feature in your outdoor living space. A waterfall or fountain could create a soothing natural soundtrack that will drown out unwelcome noise.

Phone a Professional

Creating privacy in your landscape can be a daunting task, so don’t hesitate to call on a professional for assistance. Premier Landscaping offers landscape design services to point the way forward and the expertise to bring your vision to life with impeccable installation.