It’s suddenly midway through September and you’ve been stuck wondering “Where has the time gone?” From family summer vacations to getting the kids ready to head back to school and then preparing for the impending holidays later, it can be difficult to keep track of all the home projects you had on your Things To Do list, such as that patio, walkway or retaining wall you’ve always wanted.

Like Age, Weather is Just a Number

Just because temperatures are dropping during the Fall doesn’t mean Premier Landscape is hanging up the work gloves for the season! In fact, we highly recommend homeowners reach out to us now because the soil is easier to work with, temperatures are mild, and there’s still plenty of daylight left to work in. Installing new lawns as well as trees, large shrubs and annual flowers is best left to do during the Fall season as well because it gives them time to take root and the soil isn’t frozen like it usually is during the spring.

Best Hardscape & Masonry Projects for Fall

  • In-Ground Pools. Did you know that you can pour concrete in colder temperatures? Premier Landscape will design your new in-ground pool, dig the space, and pour the concrete during the Fall so that you’re able to enjoy your new oasis first thing next summer.
  • Fire Pits. Outdoor fire pits are always enjoyable no matter what season, and the good news is that the installation project is relatively quick as far as hardscaping goes. Contacting us now for an outdoor stone fire pit means you could have it installed before the first snow flurries!
  • Steps and Walkways. Our Newport and Portsmouth RI landscaping company has been installing a lot of natural stone lately. The look is edgy, yet sophisticated. Natural stone steps leading to a backyard patio add a fun texture to the rest of your yard. Natural stone slabs for your new front walkway will end up turning neighbor’s heads. Masonry projects such as these are often done during the Fall so that you can enjoy the new look in early spring.

When it comes to improving the look and function of your yard, there’s no time like the present! Don’t wait until the spring season to get a new patio, walkway, pool or fire pit. Contact Premier Landscape for a free estimate.