So far Portsmouth, Rhode Island and the surrounding areas have had little to no snow; a mere dusting compared to last year’s snowmageddon. However, with a new winter storm approaching the Northeast, it’s time to stop procrastinating about putting away the patio furniture you still have sitting outside.

Why You Need to Put Away Patio Furniture

Most high quality patio furniture will be weather proof at best, and weather resistant at worst. However, many cushions (although they may say they are weatherproof) and wicker furniture won’t last you more than a year or two. Putting furniture away ensures a longer shelf life and less clean-up time required in the spring.

Steps to Putting Away Patio Furniture

  1. Always sweep your patio of dried and dead plant debris and leaves. That gorgeous brick or slate patio that was installed by a professional landscaper deserves to be cleaned once in awhile. Removing the fall foliage from the patio will prolong it’s life.
  2. Shake off and properly store your cushions. Shaking off and vacuuming your outdoor cushions will remove any trances of debris as well as unseen mold spores that could end up in the basement of your home and spread. Always wrap these cushions in plastic bags or saran wrap as extra precaution and store them in a cool, dry place such as a your basement.
  3. Take any patio potted plants and put them either in the garage or a shed to protect them from the harsh winter elements and from animals that might find them a tasty snack when the pickings are slim. Any larger shrubs surrounding your patio should be covered. Hiring a professional landscaping company in Rhode Island can help you winterize your garden in no time.
  4. Properly fix and cover porch furniture. For those who have aluminum porch furniture, you may not have to worry about this step as the objects have been powder coated with weatherproof coatings. Wrought iron furniture, on the other hand, could become rusty. Check these pieces for any rust spots and apply exterior spray paint on problem areas. Be sure to cover wicker furniture with plastic tarps.

With the average snowfall in Rhode Island hovering around 35 inches, it is a safe bet that there will be enough snow every year to warrant packing up the patio and securing it for those Northeastern snowstorms. For any assistance regarding patio maintenance or installation or winter yard preparation, contact Premier Landscape today!