Stone paver driveways are a beautiful touch to any New England home. Your driveway is the first thing visitors will be greeted with, so it’s important to make sure it’s looking and functioning as it should. Having an un-maintained permeable paver driveway with weeds and loose pavers can detract from your property’s worth as well as lead to constant repairs. For Rhode Island residents, we have snow and ice to deal with, so it’s especially important to keep up with maintenance work.

Stone Paver Driveway Maintenance Tips

  • Apply pesticides once every fall and spring in order to prevent moss and weeds from growing between the pavers. If weeds take root, they can end up loosening the pavers and the material used to hold them in place.
  • If you prefer to or if your driveway isn’t very long, you can sweep between the pavers using a generic broom and detergent to remove weeds and other buildup.
  • Remove stains and spills such as oil or grease as soon as possible and don’t forget to hose down any salt left over from the winter. A standard power washing machine or garden hose¬†will get the job done.
  • Ensure that any water runoff is efficiently draining down your paver driveway and away from your property. At Premier Landscape, we don’t just guarantee a beautiful looking stone paver driveway, but also a functional one that won’t collect standing or pooling water.
  • Every few years or whenever necessary, re-sand your driveway and re-compact it in order for the pavers to remain in their original position.
  • Don’t forget to replace any broken or cracked pavers as soon as possible. Without replacing these pavers, it would end up weakening surrounding stone pavers in the driveway.

When maintained and installed properly, stone paver driveways can last for decades and are much more affordable for homeowners in the long run. Maintenance and repair costs are much lower than traditional asphalt and the curb appeal is what most buyers are after. Contact Premier Landscape today for a free project estimate for your new paver driveway!