Want to install a warm and welcoming outdoor fireplace in your Newport, RI, backyard, but you’re struggling to decide on the perfect spot? This valuable addition to your outdoor space should be easily accessible, beautiful to view, and it should set the tone for a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Because of their size, outdoor fireplaces anchor landscapes, so they deserve careful thought and planning before they’re installed. Read on to find out what’s involved in integrating an outdoor fireplace into your backyard.

Keep It Safe

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding on the location for your fireplace is safety. It is essential to keep this fire feature away from low-hanging branches and other flammable elements. Depending on your existing landscape design, a professional, knowledgeable contractor can work with you to consider safety considerations before deciding on placement.

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Ideal Location

Outdoor fireplaces come in various shapes and sizes, but many are usually massive structures that can also act as privacy screens and windbreaks. This is one of the reasons to consult with your contractor before insisting on any particular spot in your backyard. Another consideration is taking a step back and thinking about how you will use your backyard once the fireplace is in place. This could be an opportunity to divide your landscape into multiple independent areas, such as an outdoor kitchen and outdoor living room. Furniture, pillars, or wooden walls could serve as boundary markers.

Then, you’ll need to determine where your outdoor fireplace would be most enjoyed. Do you plan on using it mostly for preparing meals? By your patio or a newly arranged outdoor kitchen may then make the most sense.You may need to think about a different arrangement if you’re unlikely to use the fireplace for cooking purposes and you’ll be using it more for aesthetic reasons or for cozying up to it for intimate conversations.

Make It Multifunctional

The beauty of an outdoor fireplace is its ability to be more than one thing to homeowners. It’s an attractive feature. It’s a warmth resource. And it could be a cooking feature. Your contractor can go over the options with you while also keeping in mind local code regulations and wind direction. Hiring a professional to help you determine possible locations for the structure is crucial for the overall success of your project. At Premier Landscape, our team features designers and landscape artisans who will help you build the ultimate outdoor fireplace that will be both beautiful and functional.

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Stylish Design

Stone fireplaces can enhance or dictate the look of contemporary living areas. A fireplace can turn a simple design into a bold statement or make a grand focal point to an impressive Tuscan-style outdoor living space. A variety of designs gives you the freedom to surround the outdoor fireplace with colorful details such as sofa cushions, a modern coffee table, or a stunning oversize rug. The area should be full of inviting details and colors that create a spectacular view, especially when illuminated by your outdoor fireplace’s flames.

If you’re still challenged by figuring out how to integrate an outdoor fireplace into your landscape, you could lean on our team for ideas and visualize the finished look with our 3D CAD imaging software.