How to Find the Best Masonry Contractors for Your Next Outdoor Kitchen Project in the Bristol, RI, Area

A roaring grill, spacious seating, and the perfect prep space—these are the essentials you keep picturing for a premium outdoor kitchen. Whether you’ve made construction updates to your Bristol, RI, home before or are just starting to upgrade your space, you may be looking for masonry contractors that would be a good fit for your new project. Read on and we’ll share some essential tips to help you create an elegant outdoor cooking space with a masonry contractor.

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Ask Around

If you’ve been admiring your neighbor’s deluxe finished patio or really love your co-workers’ new outdoor kitchen, don’t be afraid to ask them who did their work. Most of the time, people are more than happy to give references for a job well-done, and will help steer you in the right direction of trusted masonry contractors.

If you are too shy or busy to ask people for references in person, you have other options. Find out if your neighborhood has a dedicated social media presence where you can ask for outdoor kitchen masonry contractor references for a start. This is a great way to find trusted contractors directly in your community that will be able to help complete projects at your home. You can also put out a call to your friends and family on social media to inquire about masonry contractors they’ve used in the past for their outdoor kitchen projects. A recommendation from someone you know and trust is invaluable, and can also help you save time, money, and frustration by ensuring you make the right hire.


Research Companies

Now that you have the names of a few trusted masonry contracts, it’s time to put on your detective hat. Luckily, the internet provides everything you need to know when it comes to finding out about how a company stands in the community. What kind of reviews do they have online? Do they have any industry certifications? Do they have examples of past projects they’ve done? Look for work pertaining to outdoor kitchens as you don’t want your kitchen to be a test run for an inexperienced company.

Look at the contractors’ websites to view their past work. Are you drawn to the beautiful stonework that was used to create their outdoor kitchens? Do they have multiple kitchens and patios to display on their website? You want a company that has experience in the main feature you’ll be having constructed on your property—and that is capable of doing your outdoor kitchen in the style you prefer.

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Request a Consultation

Once you’ve found a couple of masonry contractors through word of mouth with good reviews online, it’s time to schedule a consultation. What can you expect in terms of estimate? Will they share expert opinions on what style outdoor kitchen will work best for your landscape? Are they willing to explain different types of masonry, colors, and styles you can choose from?

After you’ve met with a outdoor kitchen masonry contractors, you should have a clear view of which contractor will best meet your expectations. If you’ve found a contractor that listens to your needs, offers the information you need and provides great suggestions, then you know you’ve found the right one! Keep all of these points in mind, and you’ll be happily cooking outdoors in an open air kitchen before you know it.