Finding a landscape company you trust can take some time. You don’t want to team up with landscape professionals only to find out that they are not qualified to install the features that you want for your Tiverton, RI, property. Here are some suggestions as you research landscaping companies for enhancing your landscape.

Decide What You Want

It might sound simple, but knowing what you want will ease the process as you talk to different landscape contractors. Having a clear list of desired features for your project, whether it is for a new construction or for a refresh of your backyard, helps you focus on what is most important as you discuss what you want to include in the finished plan. The right landscaping company can help you think through your ideas and make smart choices for materials, whether it’s guidance for what kind of pavers would be best for your patio or suggestions for creating a stable, functional retaining wall.
Also, decide what you can afford to spend. This keeps a landscape professional from suggesting ideas that you cannot afford. When you know what your budget includes, it can save time and frustration for both you and the landscape company as you work toward a landscape plan.

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Gauge the Company’s Communication Style

There will be a lot of back and forth as your landscape project progresses, so the communication aspect is critical. If you have a great rapport with the people who are designing and installing the landscape, you are more likely to have a mutual understanding and a clear idea of expectations. Clear communication from the beginning can give you assurance that you will end up with what you envision for your landscape.


Ensure That They Are Licensed and Bonded

The confirmation of proper licensing with local, state, and even national agencies means that you have found a company that cares about its reputation. Licensing implies that the company is in good standing and conducts ethical business practices.
Bonding refers to the company’s carrying of sufficient insurance to cover any unexpected accidents on a property and protection of the employees who will be working on a project. There will likely be large, heavy equipment necessary to accomplish parts of the landscape construction, and you don’t want to be liable for any injuries that may occur as part of the work.

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Ask to Speak to Previous Clients

A reputable landscape company has great relationships with previous clients and will gladly provide information on past projects and customers. You may find that your vision matches perfectly with the company’s portfolio—or you may view your two styles as a mismatch. All of this research helps you stay informed and prevents you from making the mistake of hiring a company that might not produce the type of work you desire for your Tiverton, RI, property.
When a company has previous clients who are happy with their landscape projects, this is a good sign that you probably will be, too. Long-standing companies have past successes that make them a wonderful choice because they care about their customers. They provide impeccable service, customized designs, and quality results because the good opinion of their clients matter.