In-ground stone fire pits are a fun and affordable option when it comes to improving your yard’s functionality. What’s even better is that stone fire pits are usually a simple DIY job that can be completed in less than a week. If you’re looking for something a bit more complicated or aren’t sure about how to design and lay out your fire pit, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

If you’re planning on taking the DIY route,┬ábe sure to check with your town regarding any building codes in your neighborhood. Make sure the intended spot is far enough away from your home, trees and shed that there won’t be any fire hazards. Keep in mind that there may be utility lines or invisible dog fences in the area.

Essential tools for a DIY fire pit

  • Shovel
  • Tape measure
  • Leveler
  • Tamper
  • Steel rake
  • Cast concrete wall stones
  • Cap stones
  • Sand

Steps to building a stone fire pit

  1. Lay your stone pavers in a 36-44 inch diameter. It’s good to first lay the pavers out to make sure you have a feel for how large of a fire pit you want. If you plan on installing one on an existing patio, it’s also good to see how much room the fire pit will take up.
  2. After marking where the fire pit’s pavers should go, remove them from the area and dig a 12 inch deep hole.
  3. Next, pour sand into the bottom of the hole and make sure the sand is level by using the tamper. Don’t fill the whole so much that the sand spills out. We suggest leaving an inch or two of space before the top. Fine gravel can also be used in place of sand — just be sure the material is fine enough to level evenly.
  4. Lay your stone slabs around the perimeter of the hole. Continue to lay the stone along the circumference of the fire pit until the wall is 12 inches high.
  5. Finally, pour the rest of the sand into the pit until is covers the first layer of stones (roughly 4 inches of additional sand is needed).

You’re done! Time to step back and admire your work. Feel free to get creative and choose varying colors of stones or explore your pit filler material options.

If you have an existing patio, a small or sloped yard, we recommend contacting our Newport and Portsmouth RI landscapers to help you design and install a new stone fire pit. Our professional hardscape designers will determine the best size and placement of your fire pit. We will also take measures to carefully work around your existing landscape and hardscape work so as not to alter the original look and feel of your yard.

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