As a business owner, you know how hard it can be to attract people to your storefront. One of the easiest ways to draw customers in is to improve your storefront’s curb appeal. The facade of a building is everything; it’s the first impression on potential customers. Premier Landscape, a professional landscape and hardscape design and installation company, is here to help give business owners a few tips on how to improve the appearance of your business.

Ways To Improve Your Store’s Curb Appeal

  • Add Signage. One of the best ways to attract customers is to simply put a business sign up somewhere in front of your building. Make sure that you have a business logo and custom signage in big, bold letters that people can see from both the sidewalk or their cars while driving by. Make your brand known throughout the area and don’t be afraid to put it right in the front yard!
  • Add Foliage. Premier Landscape works with Rhode Island building and construction contractors. As they map out the structure of a building or storefront, we work on the landscape design aspect. Having plants, shrubs and flowers in front of your store is welcoming and inviting; it also makes your space look more “lived in”. Not only do we provide landscaping for new builds, but also existing storefronts looking for a foliage facelift for their building.
  • New Walkway. Living in the Northeast poses some issues — one of the major ones being that our roads, parking lots, and walkways end up being riddled with holes and cracks due to constant freezing and thawing throughout the year. If your storefront’s walkways have seen better days, contact Premier Landscape for replacement walkways. Many businesses opted for basic concrete slabs when the building was originally built — but now is the time to set your storefront apart from the rest. Our hardscaping company uses permeable pavers and stonework to create beautiful walkways that are bound to make a good first impression on your customers.
  • New Lawn & Drainage. There are a number of office parks in the Portsmouth area as well as local businesses that sit on a large plot of land. Due to Portsmouth and surrounding areas being on the coast, existing drainage can often fail or become less effective over time. Premier Landscape can provide professional drainage solutions for your business so that in the event of a coastal storm your building is safe from flooding and erosion. We can also provide irrigation system solutions and new lawn installation services so that your grass always looks healthy and presentable.
  • Add Outdoor Seating. There are so many wonderful small businesses in the Newport area that attract thousands of visitors during the warmer months. Let us help you create an inviting, casual outdoor space for your customers by designing and installing an outdoor seating area. We’ll create a custom-designed patio for your customers so that they can enjoy the sunshine and in turn your business will become well known for being “that place with the outdoor patio”.

Ready to take your local business to the next level and attract more customers this year? Contact Premier Landscape today for a free project estimate!