How Masonry Contractors in Middletown, RI, Can Create Custom Patio Designs

The design phase of any landscape project, especially for the hardscape portion like a patio, could be considered the most important part of the process. That is when your personal preferences are taken into account, to make the outcome of the project reflect your taste and style, and the needs of your landscape. Whether your Middletown, RI, property is small, sloping, or vast, masonry contractors can create a gorgeous custom patio for you.

The Patio

The patio is the place you want to go to relax, the place that extends your living space to the outdoors. It is also the foundation for what you want to include in the patio design. You might choose large rectangular paving stones with a contrasting darker stone border. Or the idea of paving stone “rooms” could be what you want, with the rooms defined by paving stone patterns.

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Natural Stone Stairs

If your patio is going to have more than one level, and they frequently do, then there must be a way to move from one level to the next smoothly. Natural stone stairs bring a weightiness to the design as they will never go out of style and will last for years. Their mix of colors gains attraction under the sun, and they are chosen for the safe surface they provide from their large slabs and careful construction.

Outdoor Kitchen

Including an outdoor kitchen in your patio design further increases the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Imagine having the grill, refrigerator, cooktop all together, outside, with plenty of counter space for preparation. You could take grilling burgers to the next level! Designate a dining area with a custom design of paving stones and you have a backyard dream.

Stone Fireplace or Fire Pit

An outdoor fire feature tends to draw everyone outdoors, for relaxing and for roasting marshmallows by the fire. Even in the summer, there are some cool nights when enjoying a favorite drink by the heat of the fire would be the perfect end to a summer day. When the fall rolls around and the leaves begin to fall, having your friends and family snuggled around the fire provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy hot soup and dessert outdoors.

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Retaining Wall

A retaining wall custom-built by a talented mason can fulfill a functional need and add a beautiful stone element to your backyard. You can match the material to the pavers used in your patio, or use something entirely different that is at least complementary to the nearby flooring. There are retaining walls of varying heights that give a sense of intimacy to your patio area, increasing the privacy that you want when you are entertaining or just enjoying your Middletown, RI, outdoor space. The top of the wall can also add more seating space, or become a spot to locate drinks and snacks.

A skilled mason can recommend special enhancements for the wall such as a decorative band or tile interspersed in the retaining wall. You might be delighted with a darker or lighter contrasting band of paving stones to give visual interest.

To achieve a custom patio design, you will want to consult with a full-service landscape design and construction firm that specializes in creative hardscape features.