Transform your Bristol, RI, patio into a stylish outdoor living space with the help of masonry contractors. From upgrading flooring surfaces to adding outdoor rooms, custom masonry features will bring style, form, and function to your patio. Try one or all of these five masonry upgrades to spice up your backyard patio.

Paving Patterns and Borders

There are many ways to update the look of your patio with the strategic use of paving patterns and designs. A basket weave or herringbone pattern will add interest to your patio without being overwhelming. Combining square and rectangular pavers of different sizes creates a modular laying pattern with a relaxed feel. Irregular shaped flagstones in an asymmetrical pattern leads to an informal patio with a natural look.

Borders are a striking way to elevate the appearance of your patio. They can mark boundaries, help direct the flow of traffic, and define outdoor spaces. Borders in contrasting colors will create a dramatic effect while double borders will provide even more impact. By repeating borders and colors in other hardscaping elements, Premier Landscape’s masonry contractors can create a cohesive look across your landscape.

Seating Walls

A seating wall brings form and structure to your patio while adding convenient permanent seating. A seating wall can help define an outdoor room and provide overflow seating during large get-togethers. A seating wall around a fire or water feature will create a natural gathering spot. Smooth coping with a rounded edge will provide the most comfortable seating option. Consider adding cushions to introduce more color and increase comfort.

Fire Features

A fire feature will turn your backyard patio into a destination you’ll never want to leave. Imagine early morning coffee by the warmth of a modern fire table. Or curling up in front of a beautiful fireplace at the end of a long day. And there’s no better gathering place for friends and family than around a rustic fire pit.

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Whatever your style, a fire feature will bring warmth and ambiance to your patio. A fire feature will also extend your outdoor season, allowing you to enjoy brisk spring days and crisp fall nights.

Water Features

The soothing sounds of flowing water will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your backyard. Adding a water feature can help mask out the sounds of the neighborhood and attract birds to your yard. Whether you have a small patio or large yard, we can design a custom water feature to suit your landscape.

If you don’t have a lot of space, a pondless waterfall could be the ideal solution. From a sleek and modern sheer descending spillway to a natural stone waterfall, a pondless waterfall will bring moving water to your yard with a much smaller footprint than a pond. For larger yards, the combination of a pond and stream will create the kind of a tranquil environment that many people long for.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen will expand your living space and allow you to spend even more time outdoors. From a simple grill island to a fully functional outdoor kitchen, Premier Landscape can work with you to design and build a kitchen that fits your lifestyle. Take advantage of the freedom of cooking outdoors by adding features you wouldn’t have inside such as a smoker or pizza oven. If you like to entertain, a drink cooler and bar will keep you outside with your guests instead of running back and forth for refreshments.

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