The time of year is coming when you will want to cozy up next to a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Is there a way to make the experience any better? Yes! Here is how landscaping companies make firesides irresistibly cozy in Bristol, RI.

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Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is consideration #1. Even a stone bench (for example, a bench built into a retaining wall) can be comfortable with the addition of a few cushions or pillows. Stone benches are even more comfortable if they feature a backrest. Low maintenance seating options will let you spend more time enjoying the fire. For this reason, seating walls are popular options around fire pits and outdoor fireplaces because they allow a greater number of people to gather around the fire without cluttering up the space with lounge chairs. Masonry seating walls let you tie the fire feature in with the rest of the hardscape, effectively turning the space into an outdoor room that has its own character. It’s also an opportunity to add attractive firewood storage beneath the bench seating. 

When it comes to designing permanent seating, take into consideration the available space as well as how many people you expect to enjoy the fire regularly. A very large fireside area that will only be used by a couple or small family won’t feel as cozy as a seating area that is scaled for everyday use. 

Nestled Seating

If you have a sloped backyard, a fireside area nestled into a hillside will add to the cozy feeling. People love to feel embraced. A backdrop of a beautiful masonry retaining wall adds to the feeling of a warm embrace, not only because it blocks the wind and creates a feeling of security, but also because the wall will reflect heat and keep the space warmer. On flat lots, encircling your fire feature with high-backed permanent masonry seating or building a sunken fire pit area will give the same sense of enclosure and warmth.  


Fire and water may be opposites, but together they create an irresistibly soothing ambiance. If you need to add privacy (or a windbreak), consider a masonry water wall. This stunning water feature pumps water to the top of a wall and allows the water to flow down the front. The more textured the surface, the more melodious and dynamic the flow. 

Fire in Close Proximity

On chilly evenings, it’s nice to cozy right up to the fire. If this is something you enjoy doing, then consider a large, seat-height hearth for an outdoor fireplace or seat-height oversized stone or paver slabs around a fire pit. Low hearths and fire rings don’t automatically invite sitting, but people will try anyway, so they may as well be designed for that! 

A Pizza Oven

Adding a wood-fired pizza oven to an outdoor fireplace elevates your fireside experience to a whole new level of coziness. 


A nearby beverage cooler, firewood storage, as well as storage for blankets, pillows, and cushions, will minimize trips to the house when everyone is already comfortable. Add a sound system and a hot plate for hot cocoa refills, and you’ve got the perfect setting for a memorable gathering!


If you would like to enjoy a fire feature in inclement weather, consider an outdoor fireplace installed next to a pavilion (an open-sided structure with a solid roof) or under a covered porch. Let it rain… let it snow… and you can still enjoy the fresh air by the warmth of the fire!

If you’re ready to turn the coziness factor up to 10, give us a call today!

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