Winterizing your property is a fact of life for Bristol, RI, homeowners, but there’s one exterior area that often goes forgotten. While outdoor kitchens are made to withstand the elements, they still require a certain amount of maintenance and care to keep them looking and working their best. If you’ve been wondering about what it takes to get your outdoor kitchen through the seasons, check out this list that landscapers refer to when it comes to protecting your favorite place to cook and play. 

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Refrigerator Care

While it may seem like your refrigerator can make it through a cold spell, if the forecast calls for freezing temperatures, you’ll need to ensure it’s turned off. You’ll need to have your power switch turned off and unplugged, if possible, to keep it in the best shape for use again in the spring. Don’t forget to have your refrigerator emptied and shelves cleaned as well, so you don’t end up with a nasty surprise when the season is over. 

Water Lines

Another precaution outdoor kitchen owners need to take is with the water lines that lead to the sink. Be sure to have your water supply shut down prior to freezing weather. Also, have the lines blown using air or carbon dioxide. This way, you’ll ensure your water lines aren’t holding any water, which will prevent them from being damaged by freezing temperatures. 

Gas Lines

If you don’t intend to use your gas grill during the winter months, be sure to have the gas turned off during this time as well. Have the tank removed and stored in a place that won’t be at risk of freezing. Another important part of maintenance for gas grills during the winter is to make sure they are properly seasoned prior to being covered. This is typically done using a vegetable-based oil and a warm cloth to help condition and prepare the grill. This will keep it looking and performing its best. 

Take Cover

During seasonal periods of non-use, it’s important to have your appliances covered to keep dirt and grit from building up on or inside of them. This includes covering the sink, grill and any other surface that you’ll want to prevent from possibly being damaged. If possible, have everything professionally cleaned before they are covered for the season. When spring rolls around, they’ll be fresh and ready to use. 

Complete Cover

If you really want to ensure optimal protection for your outdoor kitchen, ask your landscape designer about integrating a covered roof in your outdoor plan. Ask your landscape professional what kind of complete outdoor kitchen cover they can provide to give you peace of mind. 

Outdoor kitchens are fairly resistant to the elements, but with a little bit of extra care and time, you’ll be able to extend the life of your appliances and installations. Don’t let the season creep up on you before it’s too late. Ask your landscape professional how they can help protect your outdoor kitchen, so you can ensure that you’ll be cooking in style for years to come. 

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