Updating the outdoor living spaces at your Barrington, RI, property is a major undertaking, and there are many moving parts to get a project done. However, one of the most important decisions that a landscaper makes is selecting the type of materials they will use. Some products are more superior than others and provide a level of quality and beauty that customers come to expect. If you’ve been wondering how landscapers select materials to pave patios, walkways, and other hardscape areas, read on. We’ll share some of their trade secrets with you! 

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Unilock Pavers

When it comes to selecting premium materials to complete a project, reputable landscapers turn to Unilock pavers. This type of stone paver provides unparalleled beauty and consistency. It is manufactured to exceed ASTM standards for quality and strength. Unilock offers a variety of classic styles and shapes when it comes to pavers, and they use a mix of small and large aggregates to create the pavers. This ensures consistency from the top to the bottom of each paver, with the same colorway throughout. For all of these reasons, Unilock is the trusted material source for landscapers in-the-know. 

Color, Style, and Size

Once you have decided what type of hardscape you will have installed on your property, your landscaper will then evaluate the color, size, and shape that will be the best compliment to your home. Your landscaper will ask for your input as to whether you want a finished paved product that looks traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, and from there they will help guide you toward the right style of paver for your project. More modern projects may lean toward large scale pavers in light stone and a mix of square and rectangular shapes. Traditional paved projects may use a combination of neutral tone small pavers in either square or rectangular shapes. The final material selection is up to you, but if you are unsure of what is available or what would look best with your home, your landscaper will be a great resource in finding the perfect stone size, shapes, and colors to suit your needs. 

Accents and Borders

When your landscaper is choosing materials for your project, they will likely be selecting more than one type of shape, color, and size. It’s important to add accent materials to help create contrast and texture and to keep your paved spaces and projects from looking flat. Your landscaper will help guide you toward attractive border and accent material options to complement the base materials for your overall project. In most cases, these accent materials will be a shade or two darker than the base material, or they could be a completely contrasting color for a more dramatic look. 

Choosing high-quality materials with a classic, sophisticated feel is one of the most important aspects of updating the look of your outdoor living spaces. With some input from you, and some expert knowledge, your landscaper is sure to select the perfect premium materials for your paved project. 

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